Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quiet Day for UT-Call of Duty: Black Ops released today:)

If you're a COD fan..chances are you're not reading this:)
Today, and (probably for the rest of the week) will be pretty quiet for us here at Urban Taggers; mainly because Call of Duty: Black Ops was released and ALL of my fellow tagger/blaster cohorts have locked themselves in their houses for the past 15 hrs and are incommunicado other than through gaming headsets.

It also shows in our user stats; we just had a massive dip by almost half in readership today:P Had me somewhat worried  and I was wondering what was going on..and then it hit me when I couldn't get a hold of any of my male friends all morning!

Ahh well. Gives me time to get onto some new content for the blog for the later part of the week. Personally my copy of the game doesn't arrive till Thursday, and even then I only got it for the radio controlled car:)


  1. Wouldn't it be awesome if the car could explode too? :P

  2. I really don't see why every goddamn American likes this game. I was once talking to a friend of mine and said that I hated CoD. Then a bunch of idiots gathered around me and started talking to me like I was an alien of sorts. I realised that all the idiots were overweight. Looks like this game increases the risk of obesity. Haha, what's next, everyone's gonna gang up on me because I hate a certain fatass Italian meatball? (Aka Mario?) Oh, dear, looks like the CoD fanboys can't accept the fact that I have a different opinion! Hey Hey Hey, can you make peace between the CoD fanboys and EVERYONE WHO HAS A DIFFERENT FUCKING OPINION? You have to ask the parents of the CoD fanboys to help! But first, there's something we must do...To ask the parents to help us, we must first gather the 7 healthy foods in order to summon the parents, where they'll then gather togheter to form "WEIGHTWATCHERSNOVA". You must then wish for peace between us all! We are counting on you, whoever is reading this! You're our super star! ...Does anyone get what I was making reference to in that whole sentence? I doubt it. Nobody plays the Nintendo DS these days. Oh well. Have fun drowning in your own fat, everyone!