Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nerf Barricade RV-10: Finally makes it to US stores!

The most enigmatic of all the new 2010 blaster range would have to be the Barricade RV-10; it's publicity was almost completely fueled by rumours and fanfare rather than any real advertising or marketing push. We managed to get our hands on one in August but it wasn't long till it became readily available in several other countries worldwide..except the US. I gotta admit, this would have to be a first, and a rather bizarre decision by Nerf given for all intended purposes the US is their home turf?!

Well, it looks like the wait is finally over for our American pals; Nerf Mods and Reviews got their hands on one and it looks like the initial response is pretty good. $16.88 US at Walmart- almost half the price of what we've got 'em here in Australia. That's pretty typical though:(


  1. It's been in the USA for quite some time, I think since Nov. 15.


  2. Zack,

    One thing we really try to do on on this blog is gain real information; any news or rumours that we catch onto is heavily investigated before we decide to post. We really try to not speculate; we'll post if it's something we've actually experienced ourselves, or at least someone we know and respect has. Every day we get a lot of emails and FB msgs letting us know the availability of blasters which helps us create a pretty decent picture of what's REALLY available.

    Up until yesterday, all of my US based contacts had been waiting for the Barricade to arrive on shelves (with a confirmed official release date of December 5). Nerf posted on their Facebook page on the 12th and 13th November information on it and said it would be merely coming soon.

    Sure, A rumoured early November release date was being thrown around for months, but NO-ONE could confirm or deny this and the amount of outcries on the day of the 15th (and subsequent following days) of "where the hell are the Barricades?" suggested the date wasn't entirely accurate.

    Jermaine from Nerf Mods and Reviews is someone we respect and trust, so the moment he announced that he had one and reviewed it was good enough for us. If anyone HAD come forth prior to this with information and photographic evidence to prove it that they saw/owned a Barricade in the US prior to this, then yes, this post would have come out earlier or been rephrased differently.

  3. For what it's worth, I saw no Barricades anywhere prior to November 25th. Just before midnight rolled around and ushered us into Black Friday (November 26th), I was at one of two Super Wal-marts here in town. I didn't see any Barricades in it anywhere (not that I was looking). Later that day after I'd gone home and gotten some sleep, I went to the other Wal-mart in town to pick up a rocking horse for our little girl. While walking along the store, it suddenly appeared to my left - four shelves on the end of an aisle completely filled with Barricades for $16.88 each. So I picked up two. =D I've been keeping my eye out everywhere prior to that day, though, and that's the first I've seen them. So I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that Hasbro/Nerf decided to do a Black Friday launch with them here in the states. Too bad they didn't do more advertising to hype them up beforehand! I see Raider commercials on TV for Target all the time, but that's about it.

  4. We were the same here in AZ.I had been waiting on the Barricade since I saw Pocket's review and also heard the rumored Nov 15 date that was probably just a work of fiction.So it was pretty cool to see them at our Black Friday sales because I had all but given up hope of getting one before December.As recommended I got two which definitely is the way to go!

  5. Definitely! Although I've found I'm not so great a shot with my left hand. So if you ever come across me in a Nerf battle, just strafe to my left and you'll probably be okay! Hehe.

    All I'm waiting for now is my 3.7v AA-sized Lipo batteries from DealExtreme to get here. I ordered them a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of the Barricades release, so they ought to be here any day. With that and the trigger-spin-up mod, these suckers ought to be amazingly fun.

  6. i got mine 2 weeks ago . and all ten darts got wrecked at my friends nerf party! and i think its way to powerful i keep losing darts.btw put reacon stock and longshot scope it looks epic

  7. anyone know when barrel break is coming out in australia. i heard a roomer it was coming 9-9-10
    but that didn`t add up cuz i heard this on 10-9-10 hehehehehehehehehehehehe!

  8. Saw a bunch of Barricades in Kmart today for $15 (in the US)