Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rumours: Nerf Dart Tag 20 Automatic Blaster..

Youtube Nerf affectionado "Kevinericon" always has a great 'in' on the newest Nerf gear around. Check this video out and tell me that doesn't make you just a LIL' bit excited. No sticker logos suggests it might be a pre-release model (and he has no comments or details on this blaster in the description thus far) but the  Dart Tag logo etched/embossed in the plastic suggests it's Nerf.

From what we can tell from the vid, it's fully automatic (more like the power up when you fire like the Vulcan vs the constant flywheel whirling of the Barricade or air pressure like the Magstrike), has a detachable stock and an awesome rotating barrel that fires 20 rounds of foam dart goodness..  UPDATE: Apparently it takes 6 C cell batteries. More news as I come of it..

Thanks to Neil at the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag crew for sending me this!


  1. I saw this video earlier today - the blaster looks AWESOME! I sure hope it gets released.

  2. Robo-mech costume looks like a good plan for next Halloween with a couple of these bad boys. Definitely going to be snagging this sucker if and when it's released. I love the futuristic curves!