Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nerf in teams: How do you do it?

Bravo team realised their desert camo uniforms clashed with their Nerf
A few days ago I got talking with one of my neighbours whom I got into Nerf, and he made a suggestion to get his boys together and challenge us to a 5 a side underground carpark battle downstairs. Now..although I stood firm on my "I don't Nerf war outdoors" tilt, I did considered this challenge and thought  to myself... "well..a downstairs underground carpark isn't outdoors per se...". 

So here's my question: If you were needed to assemble a 5 person squad for an L shaped 26 space underground carpark firefight "last man standing" battle (3 shot kills, or 1 shot to the head).. what kind of Nerfers would you need, and what blasters and gear would you equip them with? Would you just go "give me 5 of my mates who shoot the best" and not care what blasters they used, or are you more the tactical ops type and impose roles on your troops? (our selections posted soon)


  1. 2 Defenders, armed with weapons with heaps of ammo, (Raider, Stampede, etc)
    2 scout, light, fast weapons, (Magstrike, Maverick, etc)
    1 heavy, huge weapons, heaps of firepower. (Titan, Stampede, RF20)

    You can see the best combos on my blog...

  2. Well, if you were doing capture the flag or something of that flavour, you would definitely want to leave a vulcan gunner at home base. Or if you have a blind corner you can have someone cover with it (Or a stampede). Otherwise, you just want to give everyone a good gun (IE Raider, AT, maybe Longshot or a Magstrike/RF20 to make up for the lack of a big gun. Basically, the best strategy is to have someone run up and provide cover fire shooting like crazy. Then move in.

  3. Oh snap 5 vs 5 is fun. With my experience in playing in my church parking lot (which is also shape similar to an L) stealth is not really needed. Running around would most likely get you trapped.

    In my experience rate of fire and large amounts of ammo win in these environments. I would go with:

    Alpha Trooper
    Alpha Trooper
    Alpha Trooper

    I have a lot of battle tested faith with the Alpha Trooper which is why I am picking it so much. If I could I would give everyone Mavericks as side arms and Tactical Vest.

    If I wanted to bring it up a notch I would give the members multiple 18 dart Alpha Trooper dart drums.

    For tactics, as the game starts run up to advantage/pivot points. Proceed up using cover to protect yourself for getting hit. If you can take down one of their team members, the game gets easier. If camping occurs, send two members up to flush them out with Slam Fire. Try to use angles as well if available.

    - Vigilante, Basic Nerf

  4. If there isn't a whole lot of cover in the carpark (ie few pillars, cars etc) then I'd have someone run in with 2 Magstrikes, spraying wildly, then bring in the rest. Of course, the other 4 ppl need to be fairly accurate.
    If there is a lot of cover, I'd suggest lobbing with Magstrikes, then have 2 ppl run left, 2 ppl run right and have the 5th charge through the centre.
    If there's some cover,

  5. Have;
    2 Assault troops using either vulcan/stampede, raider/alpha trooper or magstrike/rapidfire.

    1 Marksman using either longshot or longstrike

    And 2 defencive troops using either rapidfire or vulcan/stampede.

  6. personally id use
    1 heavy (Vulcan) with multiple belts set up in an ambush position
    1 long shot for long range sniper work
    1 raider for suppression work
    2 stampedes with 35 round raider drums backup item would pieces would be barricades with specter stocks on them not to mention Lanard scatter fire grenades

  7. 2 guys with alpha-troopers,
    1 guy with a stampede/vulcan
    1 guy with a longstrike
    and a guy with a raider.
    Barricade/Maverik as sidearms.

  8. Joshua (urbantaggersAZ)November 18, 2010 at 7:06 AM

    I definitely agree with Jason in this. In last man standing games, there is no home base therefore no heavy fire base guns like a vulcan, in an assault game you don't want vulcans. You do want shock troops and skilled shots.

    Like Jason said, rush first to good positions, and quickly take out two or more of their men, just don't lose any of yours, so be fast. Every of your guys should be able to be a good shot and have plenty of ammo at any time so Stampedes, AT's and raiders would be best (just don't jam), with each of your players having a maverick as a backup side arm. One player in the three pair should have a third blaster like a pumped Rapidfire strapped to them just in case.

    Make sure you don't get flanked as that would be your worst enemy, so your men should best be in a set of two and three, one to two shoots, while the other keeps a watchful eye and gives defensive fire. This way all your men are in assault while also covering their backs in defense.

    Careful, but fast, aggressive Assault is the mindset. That has to be the mix. I find it easy to win this way, even when outnumbered.

  9. My HvH/HvZ squad usually consists of two riflemen, a scout and a heavy weapons

  10. We only have a 4 person team. We all have a normal weapon and a sidearm.

    Me-Commander/Commissioner- Longstrike, no barrel, stock (mine is removable, I hope that doesn't count as a mod, I hate modding), Pinpoint sight, and Stampede clip, and I'm deciding between a Barrel Break (clear recon sight) or a Spectre (no stock, clear recon sight) for my sidearm.

    Heavy- Has a Vulcan with a Stampede shield on a Recon light with a Barricade w/ Spectre stock as a sidearm.

    Recon- Uses a Raider with Stampede clip, no stock, and Longstrike iron sight as a mainarm, and a Furyfire as a sidearm.

    Spy- Mainarm is a Recon with Raider stock and Flip Clip (Resembles a battle rifle), and a Maverick as a sidearm.

  11. Anyone suggesting a Longstrike might as well just change to a Maverick or Recon (in pistol form, without barrel attachment and stock). They all shoot about the same range, but Maverick and Recon pistol are a lot lighter and easier to handle. Stock Longstrike is just for the look but shoots like shit long rifle.

  12. I find the longstrike to be a lot more reliable (accurate) than a maverick or recon; although they get the same ranges.

  13. If you misunderstood, I'm not using my LS for sniping- I actually use it for close range. The barrel is just plain unnecessary. But should I use a Barrel Break or a Spectre for a sidearm?

  14. Ignore the blasters. For a five-a-side elimination, even ignore sidearms and backups. One blaster and a bunch of clips will be plenty. Use whatever you're best at.

    Get people who are good on their feet, who know how to use their nerf guns blindfolded, and who know how to look out for their teammates.

    Keep your team tactics aggressive. Stay mobile. Your team's members should try "ganging up" on opposition members - approach from two different angles.

    That's all I can give you - the rest is up to you.

  15. Well, if you want to kill from sheer coolness, BB is your only choice. However, I'd recommend a Spectre as a more realistic sidearm (if only you could kill people with awesomeness. I'd be way dead.)

  16. Yeah, you're right, considering I can use my Spectre with my eyes closed.

  17. People:
    I prefer to select from my group of friends the best for the assignment and assign them based on individual talents. Got a natural leader and good tactician? They get a moderate weapon (they might need to move fast) and order the team around. Fearless ones should generally be heavy weapons, as those do the most damage in close combat / situations when outnumbered. Fast runners? They could become the assault people (initial attackers that arrive before the heavies and tend to stay alive longest). You know your friends, so assign accordingly.

    Weapons / Positions:
    Heavy weapons (Stampedes and Vulcans) depend on your general tactics. If you are going to rush out there and wipe them out in seconds, a wave of Stampedes would be best. Any longer and the number of heavies decreases (too much ammo loss). I would not recommend any Vulcans, as they are harder to load and heavy (as the name suggests). Assuming a slightly aggressive stance, maybe one or two Stampedes would work. If you know of the enemy's weapon statistics, adjust to fit their tactics (however the art of designing solely based on the enemy evades me)- don't get trampled by a wave of Stampedes!
    Assault weapons (Raiders, Alphatroopers) with drums are highly recommended. Have people wear bandoliers or the other stuff that can carry ammo (higher denominations are better - more drums and ECS clips). They can rush out there into the fray, shoot a lot, reload with another drum, and push on.
    Snipers (Longshot/strike etc) are Ok for a more subdued battle style. If there are few kamizake people, snipers are your best bet to slowly pick off enemy combatants. Otherwise, snipers are less useful than say, a raider.
    Commanders / scouts: I use scouts strictly for large areas, as their main purpose is to run out, collect information about enemy movements, and run back and tell the commander. They are meant to move fast, so minimal arms are ideal (Barricades, if I had one, would be optimal). Commanders, on the other hand, are the leaders. They have to make decisions quickly and often under pressure. Speed can be useful, so I would recommend an assault weapon or something other (Longshot) with OK firepower and range.

    Shields are great for basically anyone. Ammo rails are OK too, but unless you are fighting in the dark (tape a flashlight onto the side of the guns) everything else just gets in the way or falls off. I believe Bandoliers can hold more clips (and are easier to wear), but again higher denominations are better so maybe an army surplus bag that you could wear on the side?

    Hopefully this helps! Win the war!

  18. Why don't you Nerf outside? It is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in Nerfing and to unleash your awesome arsenal!

  19. 5-on-5 in a "underground" (yes they call them that.), my team would have,
    me:stampede,maverick,nitefinder(stampede is on a strap maverick and NF in holsters.
    P2:magstrike with an extra clip or two,maverick or NF(preferably maverick,holestered)
    P3:longshot without barrel ex., barricad(strapped LS, holstered maverick)
    P4:Alpha trooper with raider drum, NF(holstered NF)
    P5:fuyfire with NF (holstered NF)

  20. For the record, I don't think Longstrikes should be considered snipers, they have terrible range.

  21. well i would choose a few of my friends, 2 people in a squad a one on scout, 3 of us would us the stampede ecs with firefly as primary and a maverick as pistol, then one dude having the whole unity power system to totally freak the shit out of the other team and get a dude for sniper with a long shot and a alpha trooper cs 18 for back up of course one dude with a stampede would be alone and the other ones you could figure it out

  22. Probaly 1 alpha trooper 1 raider 1 Vulcan 1 stamped 1 and one long shot. realy kinda simple. Barricades and specters as sidearms.

  23. I would suggest this:
    Support (1): Longshot/Longstrike/Titan
    Scout (1): Nite Finder/Maverick, N-Force dagger, some sort of R/C vehicle with camera (optional, but recommended)
    Sentry (2): Stampede/Alpha trooper
    Defensiveman (1): Vulcan (w/ Stampede shield on top of Recon light), N-Force Stonewall shield (optional
    If I were you, set up a temporary base if on offense. Put the defensiveman and 1 sentry on guard duty and put all extra ammo in that area. Send everyone else in (First scout, then sentry, keep support closer to base and in safe areas) and proceed to wreck the other team.

  24. My team would be:
    Defense Team:Me with Recon + barrel drum, with Maverick as sidearm, covering Assault team, keeping other team back
    Assault Team: P2 with a Raider and Barrel Break as sidearm (I love BB, its got pretty good range for a midsize gun), moving up constantly
    Assault Team: P3 with a Stampeder, BB as sidearm, moving up constantly
    Assault Team: P4 has dual mavericks, another maverick as sidearm, moving up constantly
    Defense Team: P5 has Stampeder with Maverick as Sidearm.

    Strategy: If you start on the short side of the L, move up to the corner, have one defence team member stay on the corner, other defence team member go across from the corner, then have assault team start moving up.Have the defence move up with them, raining darts down just ahead of them until you take everyone on other team out.
    If you start on long side of L, move up as fast as you can, and wait for other team to come to you, then pick them off one by one.

    So thats my strategy, Ive tested different roles for people along with different guns, and that was most effective. If that isnt good or wont work for you, the main thing you want to remember for gun choice is diversity. Try to give each person a different gun, so where one may be weak, others will excel.

  25. Simple:
    2 snipers (AR removed carbine long shots and CPVC nightfinders)
    2 machine gunners (modded stampedes)
    1 assaulter (2 modded RF20s and a clipped Barricade)
    [Every gun uses drum mags]
    Snipers advance to mid ground and hide behind pillars. They pick off enemies that come too close. Machine Gunners press and take out close enemies. Assaulter sneaks along the outside wall and ambushes the enemy base.

  26. this is a normal situation for me,
    on my team i have

    2 stampedes

    1 AT

    1 Recon

    1 Raider

    the key is to stay in an assault style formation ex

    4 23 5
    this will give them only one way to go.Back. they will concentrate fire on main formation and lit 4 and 5 take the angles.

    for more tatics go to

  27. Commander(1):Raider, Alpha Trooper, Barricade
    Sniper(1): Longshot with barrel to your preference, Barricade
    Soldier(2):Alpha Trooper, Barricade, Maverick
    Heavy Weapons(1):Stampede strapped to his back without shield, Vulcan in the hand, Titan in the back

  28. 1 alpha trooper, barricade, reflex commander
    2 firefly, raider, barrel break night fighter
    3 magstrike, rf20, stampede heavy automatics
    4 vulcan, longshot, barricade defence heavy
    5 vulcan, longstrike, barricade defence heavy

  29. bring out stampies and a ton o clips

    1 stampede
    2 stampede
    3 stampede
    4 stampede
    5 stampede

  30. Have one guy with a UPP ( Except no Scout, a recon w/ its barrel extension and a strike fire on the extension) move forward, and a guy w/ sgnerfs sheild and a barricade in front of him would be nice. These guys are to hit to draw and return fire. Have a guy armed w/ a Longshot and its front gun just in case as well as 1 of COD's Black Ops rcs 2 alert him who where when 1 of the enemy is going to pop up, which should inflict casualties. Have two guys w/ stampedes and hyperfires+NFs+ALOT of clips slowly and stealthfully approach the enemy and wait for 1-3 Guys armed with light weapons like Furyfires, magstrikes,Rf20s, ATs,and raiders to attack the others. when the 1-3 guys do, the two stampedes should mow them down. if the other guys don't have a base, have 2-3 guys armed w/ ATs,Furyfires, or Raider to help protect the UPP, otherwise the strategy stays the same. (though u might want 2 add 1-2 more snipers.

  31. i´m going to post for CTF:
    1 Leader:Alpha Trooper, Maverick (I trust mine more than anything)
    1 Sniper:barrel-less scoped Longshot, Maverick
    2 Soldiers: Raider-drummed Stampede (or with 18 clip on a flip clip), Maverick
    1 Base Gunner: put dual wield vulcans by putting on tripods with 10 reserve magstrikes on the ground
    Strategy: Sniper bipods on cars and snipes enemy gunner and goes to base to snipe from there. Leader kills with soldier 3 enemys (preferebly sniper, a soldier and leader) and soldiers keep the enemy soldier in a certain area so leader catches the flag and tell the soldiers to excecute enemy soldier