Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dual wielding: Nerf Barrel Break IX-2s

Dual wielding shotguns? tonka tuff and then some.
Nerf's Barrel Break IX-2 is an interesting blaster in that OFFICIALLY it's semi automatic.. but you feel stupid saying that given it only fires off two rounds. It has versatility in that you can fire off those two rounds either one AFTER the other, or both at the same time. But.. it's still.. only two rounds. SO what would happen if you dual wielded a pair of them? Well to put it bluntly.. you'd have.. 4 rounds.

Grrrr! ArrrrrrghH!!
Once those rounds were used up however, you'd need to drop one in order to reload the other pretty quick smart. Reloading the Barrel Break isn't as easy as reloading a single shot blaster like the Nitefinder or Scout.. the 'breaking' mechanism takes time to get used to and probably leaves you open for attack.

I could.. beat you with them..
You really do need both hands to successfully reload the Barrel Break. You COULD try using other parts of your body like your forearm or wrist..
Almost...got i..nah. #$#!!!
Or the ol 'stick it under your armpit' trick while asking your target to "wait" cos you're not ready..
"Hold on.. nearly done.."
Solution? fire off the four rounds, drop the Barrel Breaks, and run like hell till you get to your armoury and pick up more blasters:)
"Crap. um.. err..."
Don't get me wrong; the Barrel Break IX-2 IS one of my favourite blasters; they're just sooo tough! But a tad limiting, and not really very practical. If you're going to dual wield..I'd suggest something else in the other hand:)


  1. where did you buy your barrel break(s) from?? I bought mine from Knox, VIC. They sell them there for $30. It was a good buy.One of my favourites.

  2. Toys R Us Belconnen, ACT. 29.95. My first one was from the US though:) and.. that ended up being around 65 bucks! Still, I love them so worth it:)

  3. they have been seen for 29.95 in toys r us in adelaide. Norlunga store had some but they where sold out today.

  4. Same in Toys R Us morley in WA

  5. Are Barricades better for dual wielding? Maybe not for reloading, but 20 rounds should be enough to destroy (albeit temporarily) opponets…

  6. dual wield with a sword. XD