Monday, November 22, 2010

Preview: First pics of unreleased Super Soaker (HOT!)

Super Soaker 'Thunderstorm". Looks tuff. Really.
Our contacts in Taiwan have managed to get their hands on the unreleased Super Soaker we posted about a few weeks ago and have sent through some nice pics of what looks to be called the 'Thunderstorm'. It's bringing back the electronic water blasters that were oh so popular in the 80's.. and all I can say aesthetically at least, it's pretty damn hot.. The unit also looks like it's ready to be released which is pretty exciting..

Thunderstorm with Shotblast Scope and Stock. Looks angry!
The Thunderstorm is compatible with most Nerf N-Strike attachments, here they've got it with a Shotblast scope and stock. I love this look.

The battery door, with 'Thunderstorm' etching
The battery pack- deliberately sticking out for the photo
The Thunderstorm takes 4 AA batteries, and comes with a plastic battery holder that you slide into the compartment on the side of the blaster. There is no on/off switch, once it's got batteries it's ready to fire.
The Thunderstorm clip
The clip is interesting, apparently you fill it up on the side, but no water pours out as it as a rubber seal around the top of the clip where it attaches to the blaster. It even comes with a nifty side clip to attach to your belt:)

The release switch to remove the clip
From what I have been told, performance wise the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm is not bad. It's a thick, firm stream that although is "pulsing" looks quite constant. It makes a unique sound like a high pitched horse that could take some getting used to. Like the sub machine guns it's getting its design cues from, it's more for close quarters playing though.

At this stage you now know what I know; what will come in the final packaging is anyone's guess or availability. The ability to buy extra clips would definitely be on the wish list though!


  1. I'm not usually huge on the water blasters, but I'm DEFINITELY picking this one up some time.

  2. Hasbro made the interesting decision to rebrand all of their "blaster" lines as Nerf; So they are now "Nerf Super Soaker" and "Nerf Lazer Tag".

  3. Looks good as a shell for Nerf conversions/homemades. It's going to be completely useless in any normal water war. Of course, the Super Soaker brand sold out to gimmicks long ago anyways so there's not much new here.

  4. Are regular Nerf guns waterproof / water sealed?

  5. not unless they are super soaker nerf. Although the build quality nerf has is superb- most guns will take a beating and a soaking and be fine- just don't dunk them into a pool.

  6. can u dunka a nerf supersoaker thunder storm in a pool or will the electrics be damaged