Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sonic Series now available in stores-Toys R US(US) more sighted

Sonic Maverick REV-6. On a shelf! Oooooh
We're doing our best to keep you up to date on the latest blaster intel; we've confirmed the Sonic Series Recon CS-6 hitting the US stores a few days ago, now we've also got eyes that confirm the Maverick.. for $10.99US. Props to you again Dave!


  1. honestly, i dnt understand whats so important about the sonic series, its just a clear green nerf gun

  2. We report on all things new in Nerf land; the Sonic series are Nerf's new green reshells of previous blasters. For all intended purposes, it's just a marketing/money making ploy, but no doubt there are people out there who love them.

    It makes it a lil frustrating for collectors, given it's the same blaster again.

  3. Yes, it does. But I'm caving and pretty sure I'll end up picking this series up myself. Still kinda surprised they chose green for the color, though; I would have thought a translucent blue or red would have sold really well. If they came out with clear red blasters, I'd be all over that.