Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random: Modded Stampede: Serious schmickage

Stampede ECS. Pic courtesy of J Wilson Jr
I spotted this on the unofficial, and thus mods-a-plenty Nerf page. J Wilson Jr does some seriously cool mods, and this is one of the hottest Stampedes I've seen. Not that I understand what most of this is, but other than the obvious aesthetic mods, he's done " double springs,bigger o-ring,AR'S removed,18 volt mod,silver green,and black paint,with 3 coats of clear coat and my skull logo, all kill switches wired to one switch "

It's tough. And I'm envious:)


  1. i certainly like this paint job tho I'm a bit dubious of the internal mods on the weapon, increasing the voltage on those motors tends to burn them out faster not to mention full internal upgrades on most of the internal hardware

  2. One of the reasons why I like your blog so much is the fact that you see the obvious, recurring displays of ignorance and stupidity found all over the online Nerf community.

  3. Nice Stampede! Now he can't take it in the public anymore. Anyways, I'll try to explain what mods he's done:
    'double springs' - he's added an extra spring for extra power
    'bigger o-ring' - the rubber seal that prevents air from escaping past the plunger; increases power
    'AR removal' - basically he's gotten a drill/screwdriver etc and made a hole where the air can move faster because there's less plastic in the way
    '18 volt mod' - simply increased the voltage to cope with a stronger spring and increase ROF
    'all kill switches wired to one switch' - he's just re-wired stuff so the on/off buton controls all
    hope that all makes sense

  4. Thanks guys for the kind comments!!
    When i go play Nerf Wars,i place a piece of Orange tape on the bar-ell,dont want the cops to take me out!!
    I love this hobby,it keeps me going since i retired from the military!!
    Thanks again my fellow nerf warriors!!
    Jerry J Wilson Jr.

  5. Jerry, you do great work with the mods. If you're ever interested in modding blasters for us, I'd be happy to buy them:)