Friday, November 12, 2010

Preview: Co-ordinate! a few more attachment pics

Longstrike sans stock, Stampede clip, pinpoint sight
Attachments mix and matches for the week. I begin with, well one of my own; I just picked up another Longstrike on the cheap yesterday, with the plan to NOT attach the stock because I think it looks tougher. Not as comfortable mind you, but for this exercise, it's aesthetics first- I'm a show-y lad:)

Recon with Spectre barrel and stock, pinpoint sight, Stampede clip

Recon with Spectre barrel
 The Recon with the Spectre barrel reminds me of Han Solo's blaster:)

Recon with Spectre barrel, pinpoint sight and Shotblast stock
My Raider is temporarily indisposed, so I couldn't get my hands on the stock.. so the Shotblast stock does the job for visual effect anyway:)

Recon with Longshot front blaster and scope, AT drum, Shotblast stock


  1. The short Longstrike makes a nice pistol style blaster - add a raider clip, and it's quite the stop-gap weapon between the excess of a Stampede and the subtle kiss of a Maverick.

  2. Can you do a pic of you holding the stampede with the grip on the side? Or is it too flimsy? Please reply.

  3. that longstrike looks like a barrel break...because they both look like shotguns

  4. Need a bit of help; you know of any place online that would have a Shotblast scope seperately? I want the blue scope, but I don't want to get the SB itself.