Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More custom Nerf paintjobs: bcjfla76

I'm in love with this AT:  bcjfla76 via deviantART
More awesome custom paintjobs on deviantART, this time from "bcjfla76". The Alpha Trooper is uber drool worthy. Don't think he does anything to the internals, but aesthetically he's got maaaad skillz:)

Barrel Break IX2.. but not like you've ever seen before.


  1. I really appreciate you putting up some of my customs! They're a lot of work, but seeing other people enjoy them makes it worth it! I do some internal mods, but I've found that anything outside of removal of the air restrictors and beefier springs make the guns very unreliable. For what you pay for these I want to make sure they last as long as possible, even if you lose 7-10 feet of distance! :)

    If anyone's interested in purchasing something, drop me a line at bcjfla76@gmail.com. I'm a 100% positive feedback seller of 11 years on ebay.

    Again, thanks for the exposure and also on a really great site. I'll be sharing it with all my buddies!

  2. Hi Brian, thanks for that. We may just take you up on that offer.. I REALLY do love that Alpha Trooper:)

  3. I would like to airbrush my Alpha Trooper too, especially like the camouflage pattern. But it would mean I can no longer bring it out to public places to play due to strict Australian gun laws. So it stays bright stock yellow colour :(

  4. That's a shame, but I guess I can understand the fact that even an orange tip doesn't make a gun completely safe. Do you think anyone has ever put an orange tip on the end of a real gun and walked around a park? ;)

    If anyone's interested, I also have a few videos that might be of interest for the nerf and airsoft people out there!