Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nerf sustainability: While we're on the topic of being 'green'

easily ripped in 15 seconds! Whoo hoo
The shells of the new Sonic Series aren't the only thing green:) A few days ago, Hasbro (the manufacturers of Nerf) made a press release regarding their values and strategies towards sustainability:

"Beginning in 2011, the Company will eliminate all wire ties from its packaging. In addition, for 2011 the Company has set a goal that at least 75 percent of its paper packaging will be derived from recycled material or sources that practice sustainable forest management."

I've noticed over the past few months that the new 2010 line of blasters (and any of the older blasters with updated packaging) have done away with the traditional metal/plastic twist ties and replaced them with paper string; much to the relief of parents everywhere (when you get a new toy, you wanna play with it NOW, not wait for 10 minutes untying all that crap!!)

On opening my new Sonic Series Vulcan and Recon, I've noticed Nerf have gone one step further and done away with ties all together- it's now just cardboard holding the blaster in place. Niiice! And it's not even 2011 yet!

Hasbro Sets New Environmental Sustainability Goals via the official Hasbro website


  1. Read this, it's funny:

  2. This to me is excellent news. What I'm hoping for in the far future of Nerf is--if possible that is--the blasters themselves being fully recyclable or made of fully recycled plastics. Imagine a new generation Nerf blaster made almost entirely from the plastic resin of the former generation.

    I accept however that it might not be practical or possible. But its worth hoping.

  3. It's always nice knowing large organisations are making commitments to sustainability, AND actually doing things about it rather than being all talk. It's better for them, better for us the consumer, and better for the planet in general. Go Nerf!

  4. Yes, finally! Those pesky wires are gone! Lets just say I made a large gouge in my left forearm happily opening my new Deploy, trying to cut what? Those friggin' wires!