Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ubisoft's Battle Tag launches assault on Texas tomorrow, Canada next week

Software developer Ubisoft got a crazy panning a few months ago when they announced their self-described "hybrid" toy/game "Battle Tag". It's essentially a laser tag setup but one that gives you more than just the 'run and gun' blasting that we're accustomed to. Battle Tag incorporates some FPS style features such as health packs, ammo crates, and multiple game modes that you can customise via software and hook it up to your PC.

Well, after the dust has settled, they're going to do a soft release of the 2 player start up kid at 15 Toys R Us stores in Houston and Austin, Texas to test the US Market. A week later they'll be available in Canada. $129.00 which sounds reasonable price wise, or a total rip off, depending on which camp you sit in for this sort of thing. I have to admit.. I'm keen:)

Ubisoft's Battle Tag launches assault on Texas tomorrow  via Joystiq
Ubisoft announcing Battle Tag @ E3 2010


  1. I had someone in Texas ship me a set. ;-)

    It's pretty cool, but pricey ($130 USD for the starter set). You run the games from the computer, and it uses the wireless connection to make sure the games start and stop at the same time. The two big drawbacks compared to LTTO is that you will take random hits from yourself (the gun registers the hit but the computer won't assign points to the other team for the hit) and sunlight does mess with the range big time.
    Having the computer run the games makes things that LTTO can't do work smoothly. For example, there is a built in game with physical respawn points where you have to scan one of the objective boxes to respawn. The games assigns points for hits, frags and respawns.

    -Andy in Indy

  2. I saw something like this, I thought it was from NERF, at my local TRU. It just had guns that I saw, with "ammo packs" you popped out and put back in to reload. The guns would buck when you fired or got hit, and had ammo and life counters on the sides. It looked pretty cool, but I don't know how it compares to this one, which I haven't seen at all.

    Here's a link to it