Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ballistic masks- Cos Army of Two makes masks cool again

Army of Two. Mercs.. who double up as hockey goalies.
When it comes to first/third person shooters, I only every play split screen co-op compatible titles; I just don't enjoy going online to play as part of my fun is having a friend right next to me to yell at, laugh with or to essentially be ridiculed for sucking so bad. Army of Two is probably one of my favourite titles- the awesome escapades of Salem and Rios and their morally questionable decisions while blowing up the world (Or Shanghai, as the second title suggests).

And, while gameplay is all good and well, I really like the customisation of weapons. More so, I like the idea of their ballistic masks. And so.. what else should one do with their time when procrastinating from completing a work report than to.. make one:)

The more expensive ways is to go buy yourself a genuine fibreglass mask from ebay or a paintball store. They're up there between 50 and a hundred bucks, depending on the paint job and style- if you're planning on doing it yourself than get a cheapie and work with that. So I ordered one, but to be honest I'm pretty crap when it comes to any form of DIY work, so I got a lil worried about ruining a rather expensive mask with my poor spray can skills.

The solution was to practice. So.. starting off.. here we have a perfectly good, and rather inexpensive Iron Man mask... one mask for 14.99 at Toys R Us, a can of hammered metal spraypaint for 10 bucks, some masking tape and a yellow and red marker.. Adding to the cool factor, ripping out the lenses from the Nerf dart tag eye protection and fitting them in the holes (I still haven't successfully done this- gaff tape can only go so far..)
My first attempt at a 'ballistic' mask. A lil small for my noggin..

Anyone else done something like this?

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