Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wazooka: Bring it to a foam war, get laughed at.

Wazooka. Wins the "WTF" award.
Stumbling across this thing on called the "Wazooka"- The copy text claims "The Wazooka is the ultimate all-in-one fun blaster with the ability to squirt water, launch a stunt plane and fire foam rockets, darts and balls."

Hang on.. stunt plane?

Apparently the Wazooka is five different blasters all in one gun. Just change the front attachment to shoot water, missiles, balls and splash darts (whatever they are) and.. a foam plane. WTF?

It looks dorky, it seems to perform dorky- parents take note, if your child asks you for a Nerf blaster.. don't think just because this thing can shoot multiple types of foam that it makes it..better. Please. LISTEN TO ME.


  1. This blaster is gay. Why did you buy such garbage?

  2. pocket didn't buy it he just saw it for sale and read the box