Thursday, August 19, 2010

Preview: Alternate colour Recon CS-6

Clear + Red Recon CS-6. Same Same but different:)
The Recon is a bit like a supermodel, it looks awesome, is slim and sexy and appears very versatile but inside, there's not a whole lot of depth. That being said, who turns down a supermodel? And therefore in the world of apartment close -contact- role- play- guys- jumping- around- like- idiots (and poor expression!), what could be better? I'll tell you what. Alternate colour schemes (or lack of).

I received my new red and clear Recon CS-6's today. Performance-wise, they're pretty much identical to the regular yellow one. Come with the same attachments, come with the same internals.
Yup, 3 Recons. 
What makes them just a LIL' bit cooler is their alternate fa├žades.  Red Recon is the same colour scheme as its  Super Soaker Shot Blast cousin. You know what that means...
Recon CS-6 with Shot Blast attachments. Noice.
Super Soaker Shotblast with Recon attachments
Just like supermodels, they can seamlessly swap accessories! No more "oh that dress clashes with my heels" or "that stock clashes with my butt" :P

The clear series Recon also has the ability to now look seamlessly sexy with other clear series blaster accessories. Not that.. there are that many..
Recon CS-6 with Clear Raider stock and Alpha Trooper drum
Looks tuff, does it not?:) I admit I was surprised the clear Recon didn't come with a clear clip (or even the translucent that come with the tactical vest) but it still looks the part.

And then, for the colour blind and stylishly challenged, or those who just want to break out and clash..
"OMG. That Recon doesn't have a mirror at home"
Like mixing stripes and spots, just because you CAN.. doesn't mean you should:)

Haven't seen the clear Recons anywhere in Australia just yet, but online they're selling for similar prices to the originals. The red Recon is a lil more rare (think it was a Target or Walmart US exclusive) so it'll sell for a bit more.


  1. man I love your reviews. where did you get all your nerf? I'm in Brisbane and we can only get clear mavericks and some raiders at kmart.

  2. I order most of my stuff from the US, HK and Singapore. I've resigned to the fact we just don't get the good stuff down under (hot chicks in bikinis- tick. Nerf guns.. not tick) It does cost a bit more but at least I'm guaranteed getting it.

  3. That Red Recon looks awesome. Hasbro should make a Navy Blue Recon, that'd look beast. ~Amiante, over and out.

  4. the red looks ridiculously cool.