Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Clear series- see-thru goodness

Nerf Clear Series: Thanks to SG Nerf for the images
"CLEAR THE WAY FOR THE STAMPEDE" is the tagline and Nerf are taking it literally. They're releasing limited edition 'Clear series" of N-Strike blasters to coincide with the promo for the new 9-9-10 flagship blaster (ie the Stampede ECS); you'll be able to pick up the Nitefinder, Maverick, Recon, Raider and Deploy in new clear plastic (and orange internals) finishes.

There are no performance improvements or changes compared to the original line up, but it does add a bit of variety to the collection, especially for those who want to pick up another one of their favourite Nerf blaster. Pricing SHOULDN'T be, but will probably be slightly higher than the original paint schemes.

Nerf Clear Maverick. Swoit..
Given the Deploy still hasn't officially been released in Australia yet I'm unsure how likely the clear version will be released, but I have already spotted the clear Maverick at Target, Canberra Centre, and the clear Raider at Kmart Belconnen.

Clear Deploy in Box

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