Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pricewatch: Nerf around town 7th August 2010

A Nerf Haul. Where's Wally?:)
My weekend round-up for Nerf products around my neighbourhood toy stores. I work in the city and my partner works in Woden so frequently scout the stores there; Friday nights I normally hit the Westfield Mall in Belconnen and Saturday mornings I do the rounds out at Fyshwick and Brand Depot. Of course that's only a very small number of toy stores compared to the rest of the country, so feel free to send me any info on other locations. All stores below are sellers i've dealt with personally and bought from.
Australian Nerfers in ACT- As of today 8-8-10..

Toyworld in Fyshwick : Longshots, Vulcans, Raiders, Mavericks, Recons, Nitefinders, darts and extra Vulcan belts. Pretty good range for Australia!
Toys R Us Brand Depot have Vulcans, Raiders, Mavericks, Unity Systems, Hornets Nitefinders and just brought out the Super Soaker Shot blasts (red and blue, both with the bonus scopes).
Myer Canberra Centre and Belco have Raiders
Toys R Us Belconnen have Vulcans, Mavericks, Unity Systems, Capture the Flag
KMart Belconnen (it's also a 24hr one..whoo hoo!) have Raiders, Magstrikes, Nite Finders, Mavericks
Target Canberra Centre- only Nite Finders. (note Target Australia is not affiliated with Target USA at all, so US Target sales and exclusives don't count here. I found a "Target exclusive" Magstrike at KMart.)

For online domestically, were good but they seem pretty out of stock atm. allows you to pre-order the Stampede.

Overseas- is pretty expensive to ship to Australia so that kills any good deals, but my experiences are the guys from Dartz Mart (they also have an ebay shop here if you need the proxy) do awesome deals on combined shipping from the US so if you're willing to buy in bulk and can muster up a haul with your mates, you'll get your hands on some very decent prices. I've personally made several bulk orders from them and their customer service is excellent.

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