Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Raider CS-35. Here come the drumz

By request, I whipped up a quick video, placing the Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs the Raider CS-35.. up an 8 metre staircase against 'Greg', my gf's dress mannequin:) Excuse my nasal-ness, I've been recovering from Flu all week:(


  1. Mmm I can't wait to do a test like this of my own. The Alpha Trooper looks awesome. But I must say, if Greg had a Titan or something, you'd have a rocket in your face.

    I think the bullets make a huge difference, almost as much as the gun itself. If you look at your streamline darts, you'll notice there's a small letter printed onto the head. The ones I have are marked with K and T. I find that the T darts fire much, much further than the K darts. These T darts happen to come with the Alpha Trooper and the Longshots being released in Australia nowadays. That might have something to do with why those two guns shoot so much further.

    I loaded them into my Spectre (Stock) and it fired more than 15 metres (Can probably get a bit further but my house isn't long enough lol) without any problems (aside accuracy issues... those bullets swing in the air heaps =/) while with the K ones, it struggled to make the 10 metre mark before it hit the ground. Try it yourself some time.

    Anyway yeah, good review of those guns mate. Makes me want to order the Trooper even more =D

  2. I like your voice, Robby here! Its a good review!

  3. i gatz a clear raider and it rocks

  4. My clear raider does seem more powerful than my original one; but it might be also because it's a fair bit newer.

  5. Agree that you have a good voice and speak clearly. You can be a radio or TV presenter.

  6. Hi Pocket,

    Thanks for the interesting posts and reviews. Nerf guns have recently become standard in my office, yada yada yada, here I am posting on your blog. I did some research and decided the Alpha Trooper(AT) should be my second nerf blaster after my AR removed Night Finder(NF). I went to my local Target and picked one up, but was not prepared for the stock power of my AT. I brought home the moded NF to compare and this is what I found:

    I own a small cube of a house on the south side of Minneapolis (USA) and the longest straight shot involves me shooting through the main door to the porch door for 9m (30'). Both guns hit the far door without any elevation, but to my surprise, the AT darts dropped only slightly and far less then the NF. I needed more distance, so it was down to the basement where I could shoot up the stairs and through my back door at the garage 12m (40') away. This obviously involved elevation since with me standing in the basement, the gun was at ground level. The NF could hit the base of the garage if I got the angle just right, but the AT easily hit the side of the building with every shot and significant remaining velocity. That's the longest straight path I have that affords a bit of privacy. I didn't really want to go in the street with the AT and a tape measure, but curiosity got the best of me. I took 8 quick shots with the AT 1.8m (6') off the ground and angled up for maximum distance. I marked the average and maximum distance that the darts came to a stop. They landed on some very rough concrete and got little extra distance after initial contact with the ground.
    Average 18m (59')
    Max 20m (65')

    Most people seem to report 9-12m (30 to 40 feet) with the stock AT. Have you done any max distance tests? Did I get a hot gun, or is the AT just that good?

  7. PS Thanks for the reminder that those of us who live in the US have some nice advantages when it come to the cost and availability of many items. Despite that I am still insanely jealous of anyone who lives in Australia. Someday I will come for a visit and hopefully spend 20-30 hours underwater.

  8. House01,

    Thanks for your comment; you raise a very interesting point about the AT's performance. I myself love the AT and consider it my fav; I know some people though who've had pretty poor experiences with it and find it rubbish.

    I haven't needed to do max tests, only because in an indoors/close quarters shoebox of an apartment, it doesn't really matter. What does matter though is whether it can shoot accurately upstairs at quite a steep angle, which my AT's can do very well. I am considering doing some range tests though downstairs in my underground carpark..

    Australia IS a fantastic country and I wouldn't swap living here for anything, but it's true, we just don't GET cool gear here in a timely manner at a decent cost. We do have Caramello Koalas though. Nom Nom Nom... :)

  9. The alpha trooper is a freaking recon on steroids!

  10. malee_necromancer, i have the same problem. but i have three kinds of darts - one with T, one with K that are identical to the T and one with A that are a bit different and dont fire as far as the T or K. i got the A ones in a set of 24 with a bandolier and two clips, cant remember what its called

  11. The alpha trooper is an amazing blaster. Much better than my brothers recon :-) I l love the thing to death in our nerd wars. The only fault I can find is my drum mag is a little sticky. But who cares. It could just be me. I can get an easy 60 ft. Out of my trooper at about 35*. Great blaster. It's a glorified raider!