Monday, August 23, 2010

Preview: more new blaster info... detailed pics!

"I just want to be left alone to do my thing, you know? No photos!"
It's the blaster everyone's talking about... it uses a flywheel mechanism to fire, it's noisy as hell, and here's some new pics of the new Nerf blaster: it's the N-Strike Barricade RV-10. (Now you know what I know!)

The proposed box..
What's inside? Batteries not included!
Side profile..
Here you can see its name..
Close up of the muzzle
Barrel with whistler darts
Another close up of.. um.. from another angle:)
Tactical rails as always
The battery compartment
3 AA batteries- and close up of the power switch
In hand.. pew pew pew
With a Recon stock and mission kit scope


  1. Is it just me or are the guys on the NERF boxes getting older?

  2. True:) Maybe it's a more "mature" blaster:P

  3. I'm Robby Widodo, the guy in facebook you showed me the Recticle of the Shot Blast Scope and I must say, your blog is very nice, I mean in the information given. But the looks, kind of a problem with the skull in the apartment logo as it blocks the pictures sometimes (Sorry, No Offense). But overall, I'm giving an 8 upon 10 rating for this blog, as information that I always want is available. Are you from Singapore?

  4. Hi Robby,

    Thanks for your comments. Appreciate what you're saying about the watermark urban taggers logo I put on all my photos- I'll consider its placement better for future photos.

    Singapore- nope, I'm in Australia. Singapore already has SGNerf, a very good Nerf blog in itself:)

  5. Any idea whats been "blacked out" in the first photo?

  6. Hi,

    On the box? Apparently it's a silver sticker that says "NEW" or something like that- just something that happened with the camera flash.

  7. any idea when this will be available in the US??

  8. Hi Roth,

    Unfortunately there's no official word from Nerf when this will be released anywhere; it just seemed to show up in Taiwan/China. I would assume it would make sense to bring it out for/before the holiday season though- and the US is considered the "official" place of Nerf releases.