Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pricewatch:Target Canberra Centre

Target Canberra Centre has a small shipment of N-Strike Recon CS-6's for $49.95. They've also got the standard Mavericks + Nitefinder's.

Myer Canberra Centre still have 5 Raider CS-35's for $79.95. It's a lil pricey but they are known to price match elsewhere.

(I'm heading to Melbourne this weekend so can't do a full ACT sweep, but will be back on the task next!)


  1. Mmm any idea on the availability and prices of Magstrikes? Looking to dual wield them as sidearms in a potential upcoming event. (Yes I live in Sydney but I'm just wondering where they're stocked)

  2. Hi mate,

    K-Mart is the place I tend to always see Magstrikes- The last few weeks I've seen them at K-Mart Belconnen in Canberra for $39.95. I THINK Toys R Us had them too last week. Hope that helps.

  3. I'll have a quick look next week then. Thanks for the tip.