Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guide: Nerf Darts; possibly the least interesting and un-sexy post ever.

That's right ladies. Darts. One for each of you.
Did you know I counted eleven different varieties of current range Nerf darts? Egads!

I was browsing online when I came across a site called; a page basically on Nerf darts and which ones you should purchase for which blasters. While no doubt this is a valuable resource, I had to wonder what would make anyone want to create a page just on Nerf darts..and leave it as that. Then I realised it was probably for advertising purposes and it all made sense. Still, useful if you're new to the Nerf game and puzzled over which darts go with what.  It doesn't cover some of the aesthetic differences though, so I've got supplementary info after the jump.

Oh such variety!

like lil' wieners:)
Streamline Darts come in original orange with orange tips, and (exclusive Target US) red with red tips. They're designed to fit blasters that use the clip system/drum system: the Longshot CS6, Longstrike CS6, Raider CS35, Recon CS6, Deploy CS6 and Alpha Trooper CS-18. They can also be used in all of the other Nerf blasters but because they are "streamlined" they have pretty poor ranges compared to the other darts. There's talk that there will be camo streamlined darts too but I haven't seen any yet.

Whistler darts.

Whistler or Sonic Darts come in black with orange tips, orange with black tips, and snow camo (ooh swanky!)with black tips colour schemes. They're nicely weighted and are called as such because they send out a pretty cool.. well whistle when they fly thru the air. These can be used in all blasters EXCEPT for clip system blasters.

Micro Darts are the ones with suction caps on the end, and come in orange with blue tips, orange with black tips, forest camo with black tips, white with glow-in-the-dark tips and... er non Nerf crappy yellow with orange tips. The suction caps are quite strong and stick to walls and flat screen monitors nicely:) They can be used in all blasters EXCEPT for clip system blasters.

Dart Tag darts. These hurt when coming in contact with the face. Really.

Dart Tag darts are similar to Whistler darts in appearance but have velcro tape on the tips. Their selling point is they stick to clothes and those dorky vests that come with the Dart Tag range of Nerf. They come in orange with orange tips and green with green tips. They also work with all Nerf blasters BUT the clip system ones, but do also have a tendancy of jamming in the REV series (Maverick and Firefly).

Sooo there you have it. fascinating stuff eh?:)


  1. Robby here, you forgot the Camouflage Streamline, the Black Suction Dart and if you can get the Red Suction Dart, you are a dart collector. Anyway, I like your blog, in darts or in blasters. I'm gonna watch the Alpha Trooper CS-18 vs Raider CS-35 Video.

  2. I've got some red suction darts with black tips from my Nerf Powerclip DX1000:)

  3. Aren't the Black tipped suckers different to the blue tipped ones? I always thought they were a bit thinner.

  4. Where and for how much can you get the Woodland camo suction darts for? And would it be possible to buy some off you please?

  5. I think I might have a red/black tip dart. I'm not sure it's Nerf, the suction cup is a bit smaller.

    Don't know whether you saw this, Pocket.

  7. Then explain this to me, how comes i got a yellow dart body and black dart head.Although its just a plain ol' dart no cool things...


  8. there are actually more than one category of whistler darts. The orange with black tipsare firmer and less accurate.