Friday, August 6, 2010

Review: Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6

The Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 is the first (and probably only) piece in the N-Strike range that can boast the unique ability of being able to "transform" into a weird looking flashlight/case thingy. A press of a button on the handle allows for a spring loaded quick change into a beefy looking dart blaster .

Nerf Deploy CS-6 box. Kid doesn't look happy..
The Deploy comes in the standard N-Strike yellow, grey and orange colour schemes (although there is a new clear version that's now available). The blaster has an inbuilt red light that you can switch on and off next to the barrel- sort of like the recon's 'laser' sight. It is very lightweight, and utilises the streamline dart clips system that clip into the top/side of the blaster (depending in where you have it. It's quite comfortable to hold and does resemble that Halo/Aliens "pulse rifle" style that is a real hit with sci-fi fans.

The Deploy has tactical rails for N-Strike attachments, and the barrel is like the Recon that allows you to fit on extension barrels on the end. A couple of batteries power the red flashlight beam for night time fun:)

Arming the Deploy uses a pump action shotgun style primer at the bottom of the blaster. Sliding it back and forth arms the blaster. It also has an inbuilt sight (ie a drilled hole) through the handle to look through when firing.

The transforming of the blaster was a novel idea, but it lends itself to a kind of flimsy feeling grip which just doesn't feel good to hold.

Apparently the internals of the Deploy are similar to the Recon, which means modders aren't a fan of the reverse plunger system it uses. Personally, I find it does shoot further than the Recon, but as always, I am using it in a confined apartment space.

Overall I quite like the Deploy; it looks great and I liked the built in light, but have to admit I find the wobbly handgrip a lil' distracting. The transforming function is also more of a gimmick than offering any real useful functionality.
Nerf Deploy in "Torch" mode. Looks.. like a gun to be honest:)
Deploys are not officially available in Australia yet, but are floating around on the grey import market. In the US they're around that 25-35 dollar US mark and are also available in limited edition clear finishes if that's your thing.

Usability: 7/10
Out of the box performance: 7.5/10
Cool factor: 7/10
Price point: 7/10 (only because you have to either import it or buy from a grey import seller)


  1. Could you please put up a picture giving the Deploy a scale (like it next to a Recon or Longshot)? Thx

  2. where the hell can u buy these in Australia? I've looked EVERYWHERE! any ideas?

  3. Rhys: Starting to come out now. I've spotted them at Toyworld in Fyshwick (ACT) and the official word from Hasbro is that they're starting to come out in the next few months.

  4. how is the deploy flimsy in the handle?

  5. The handle is spring loaded and folds up into the blaster in torch mode, and comes out when in blaster mode. Because it does fold up and down, it does feel a little wobbly to hold onto, compared to a blaster that is fixed.

  6. Yep, the handle is a bit wobbly and the stock doesn't feel fully secure. Even so, being a pretty weak 14 y.o, I love it. I just have no idea why they're only oming out NOW, a few months after I got mine.

    Top Tip: For preformance, ignore this and get an AT. For fun, you're on your own. Good luck :P

  7. HI guys I'm new and I'm an assie,also around where i am i always see the deploy. :)

  8. I just got my Deploy via and I must say the gun is terrible out of the box, my gun was shooting 5-6 feet tops. When I removed the AR it shoots a lot better like a Recon out of the box. The magazines on the side of the Deploy cant hold a lot of weight, so you are stuck with using the 6 dart mags.

  9. I actually found the 'deploying' ability to be an awesome touch, but only if used as a secondary. With some mad sewing skills, I was able to mod a paintball vest with a set of clip-straps on the upper back, which held the blaster in a horizontal position with the handle up (I'm sure one could do just the opposite on the lower back, with the handle facing down). When my main goes dry, i would release the clips, pull the blaster of my back, and 'Deploy' it as a backup. This actually saved me in an HvZ game when my Raider jammed up, and I was able to defend myself with something other then a sidearm.

  10. You poor people, getting your Nerf items for double the price they should be. :( I live in the US and I think Australia is getting ripped of big time! Oh yeah, I have the Deploy and I think it has problems. I'm not super happy about it.

  11. I have had two. The first one was the White-out one. Fresh out of the box it got good range,but after about a week the range degraded. So three months later I tried to open it up to see if there was any thing wrong with it. When I tried to put it back together but sadly the pump got stuck. So my dad and I fixed it but then it did not shoot so we got rid of it. Then the second one which was yellow. Again same thing good range fresh but the range degraded that day so we returned it. So just take my advice do not buy it.

  12. I have the Sonic Series Deploy CS-6. It sucks. It jams 2/3 of the time and when it does fire properly the range isn't good enough.

  13. idk whats your deploys problems mine works fine and ive has it since like 2010