Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random: Clearing out my boxes..

When you put it THAT way.. slightly obsessive..
I did a fair amount of Nerf ordering over the past couple of months, and I finally figured I'd get around to throwing out the boxes I had left lying around...


  1. A) Just found this site, and love it. I know there's not late-breaking news every day in the Nerf community, but it's fun to find a blogger who still has fun filler reads in between the three or four new blasters released each year.

    B) Nice recent haul! Just curious, what did you pay for each of those items over there? Reading your blog makes me feel for your plight as an Australian Nerfer, but I can't feel TOO bad since, costly or not, you still have a bigger collection than I've been able to manage, and I live smack in the middle of the USA's southeast.

    Keep up the good bloggin'!

    - Dave

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for reading and glad you like the blog:)

    Nerf is pretty exi over here, other than during sale time, we look at prices to the sound of $79.95 AUS for Raiders, $20 for Mavericks, sometimes even up to $120 for Vulcans; and it's old stock. Buying online from the US + HK is almost doubling the costs the local prices due to shipping, but with bulk buys it normally ends up being roughly $65-$75 AUS per new blaster, depending on the exchange rate.

    Given when it gets released here sometime in the next decade, it'd probably be around that price anyway, I'm willing to wear it:)

    Slap in the middle of South East? oooh. I love the South. Atlanta Georgia is my fav town...

  3. I keep forgetting I paid that much for the Raider. Maybe AU$80 for the Longshot ain't that bad in hindsight...

  4. You aren't kidding. That's pretty pricey. Just curious, how much did the red Recon cost you? I didn't really care about getting the custom painted versions of any of the guns, since I figured a custom paintjob would look better in the end anyway. But then I picked up all the clear series, and now the collector in me is kind of itching to put the red ones in the lineup, too.

    Atlanta's a fun town; I'm actually going down there in a week and a half. =) I live farther up north in Tennessee, about 30 minutes south of Nashville.

    I'm sure you've gotten offers before, but if you ever need a gun that's in the U.S. and not in Australia, I'd be happy to help get one over to you without you having to pay a markup buying from some guy on eBay.

    Right now I'm just hoping the Stampede drops down like the Vulcan did. I think I only paid $25 for my Raider and $30 for my Vulcan during a sale last October.

    Really wish I'd picked up the AirZone Punisher when ToysRUs had it on sale for $30. That one and the basic N-Strike Unity are the big hold-outs for me; just can't bring myself to pay $45 for the Titan/Hornet/Scout, especially when the Hornets are so hit-or-miss.

  5. Dave,
    Red Recon was $45.95 which I ordered from the US. I was the same; I thought "I have a Recon" and then before I realised it I'd ordered a clear and red one too:P The Red one goes nicely with the Super Soaker Shot Blast attachments which I like.

    WHoo.. Tennessee is also very cool. I have ALWAYS had a dream to go to Nashville; in fact the girl and I have been talking about it if we do a US trip sometime soon. Dollywood!! :P

    Appreciate the offer for other blasters, and surprisingly no, I don't get many people offering to me so that's mighty generous of you, thanks:)

    Wait till u gawk at our prices for those items- Air Zone Punisher sells here for $79.95AUS at Toys R Us (occasionally down to $59 on sales). $69.95 AUS for the Unity System. I've never really found a Hornet that works properly, ever.

  6. We mocked Dollywood for years, because we had Opryland in Nashville when I was growing up and it was so much better (at least in our minds). After a good decade of Opryland being gone, we finally sucked it up and went to Dollywood a few years ago. Man, that place is GREAT! I hate to say it, but aside from not being able to replace all my fond childhood memories, I liked Dollywood more than I ever remember liking Opryland. And it had a lot of the same feel to it with the way all the shops and food places looked. Plus all the rides were better.

    If you ever get a chance to come to the U.S. and Tennessee, it's definitely a cool place to visit. Although it doesn't hold a candle to the rides at Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure. =D