Friday, August 6, 2010

Preview: Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10?

Nerf "Barricade RV-10". So hot it needs a towel
Well there's a lot of talk about a mysterious new Nerf blaster, currently referred to as the "Barricade RV-10" (probably because it's printed on the side of the blaster!). It was spotted on China's website which is probably bigger than ebay and is notorious for new product leaks, given it's mostly the factory workers who make the stuff who get their hands on a few to sell. The ones listed atm are probably scams, given they're using the same photo of the Barricade on a bed, so I wouldn't recommend trying to buy them just yet..

From what I can gather, it's going to be battery powered automatic blaster with cues from the Stampede ECS. It'll fire 10 shots through what looks like an automatic revolving barrel. There appears to be a compatibility for attachments, with a rear snub for a stock, a barrel that MIGHT accept extensions (maybe that barrel is detachable), and of course the tactical rail on top. Like the Stampede, it doesn't seem to support any form of manual priming- no batteries, no fire.

There's no official confirmation on whether this is GOING to come out, so even though there are photos and it LOOKS real, it might just never get legs. Lets hope it does though, because there's definitely a market for it (all you John Woo -dual wielding-akimbo fans, you know what I'm on about)

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