Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preview: Nerf Tactical Vest.. not for those who work out..

46" chest. 17" neck. 33" waist. guess i'll be tactical elsewhere..
I picked up the Nerf Tactical Vest today for a friend, and couldn't resist trying it on... fits "MOST" they say...Ahh.. I guess tactical people are slim. Like 12year olds.. or super models.


  1. Can the vest be adjusted? What is it made of?

  2. Nerfwarrior,

    The vest is essentially made for children although it will fit slimmer built adults. It does come with adjustable straps, but it it can only be extended to an extent; I have a very solid build and struggled to fit my arms through the armholes, and would have absolutely no chance of zipping it up over my chest; but I expected that as such:) If you take anything larger than a male adult medium in your shirts, I'd suggest this isn't for you.

    It's very lightweight, and made of a synthetic nylon and mesh, similar to the fabric sports bags are made of. Pockets are a plenty but I'd suggest you'd not want to machine wash it:)

  3. dude you must be really big or something ha ha because my friend and I have these vests and they fit us fine. i'm 17 btw

  4. O.O What a tank you are. Hopefully mine'll fit me otherwise I just wasted $35 on it.