Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random: Custom Iron Man masks continued

Punisher style paint job
Spotted on the US foam blaster seller dartzmart.com's "Foam in the Fort 2" nerf wars recap..  Nice paintjob:)


  1. Love the Punisher design on the Iron Man mask. =D

    Also spotted another Nerf fan using a custom painted Iron Man mask on the NerfSG forum.


    If the link fails, try this one down below. The last photo posted by Spartan on August 22.


    btw, I spotted the new Nerf N-Force Stonewall Shield and short sword at my local Wal-Mart. Looks sweet but I checked the back and saw a new Sword they're releasing in the near future. Think the name was Vindicator but don't quote me. If I find the shield again, I'll post some photos asap.

  2. Yup, that's the same guy I featured in an early post, shooting a sword:) Nice mask though.

    I've yet to see ANY N-Force stuff in Australia other than on a few e-tailers that grey import. Not sure if it's not popular here, or our crazy Customs don't allow it. Have always been curious though:) Personally, I'd always be keen for some foam nunchuks:P

  3. They got a mace and a double-bladed axe in the N-Force brand along with the mace. Would love to see a war hammer and other forms of axes in the near future. But I like your idea too. =)

  4. Ive been begging for Hasbro to make a War Hammer! Everyone I meet thinks War Hammers are stupid! Finally someone knows how awesome it would be!

  5. The Mace needed to have an open bottom so you could add a foam pole to turn it into a staff.

    The U.S. just got the release of N-Force Stonewall Shield and Swords, very cool + they are perfect to ship inside a square box.

  6. Glad everyone likes the mask, I got the idea from Marvel comics "What If #29"

  7. warhammer... it COULD have uses... but a 3 foot sword mounted on a 2 foot handle woould allow alot of leverage and fancy sword work
    Kinda like a halberd... but not like a halberd... I think they should also make an eygptian sycle sword. That thing has uses