Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arts + Crafts: completed mask

Finally got around to finishing another "ballistic" mask- A few coats of paint, ripping apart some Nerf googles and some bullet hole decals:)

"Hi kids! Alpha Trooper gets the thumbs up!"
Turned out pretty good really:) A few more pics after the jump.

Also showing off my new favourite blaster configuration. Alpha Trooper CS-18 with pinpoint sight and Spectre REV-5 stock. It's awesome.
"I could take you out..but my frontal lobe took a hit so i don't remember how"

Ready to charge down the stairs
Meh.. screw charging, I'll shoot from here
I like how lightweight the Iron Man masks are, and how you can just rest them on top of your head without them falling off.
"Errr... is this thing on?"
Ok.. so i'm not much of a model, but you get the idea:P


  1. Sweet job on the Iron Man mask. I noticed that the left side of your lens is missing a part but still looks cool. Surprised the lens from the Nerf Dart Wars glasses fit over the eye holes nicely.

  2. on nerf mods & reviews i saw a person on the 'like this page' thingy wearing an ordinary iron man mask

  3. It's actually two pairs of Nerf dart tag glasses I had to rip up. They're surprisingly not the easiest things to take apart. In the end, the lenses from the older style glasses fit better, but the newer ones (with less amber) come apart easier. So temporarily I cheated.. and you picked it up! DOH! :)

  4. Will have to make a note of that. From what Dart Wars package did you get the older style glasses?

  5. Adam,

    The newer glasses came with the Fury Fire Dart tag set, the rest of the older sets (capture the flag etc) use the older glasses. If you look at a pair, you'd think it's just a matter of popping out the lenses, but they're actually made from what looks like one whole piece, and then coated in a thick plastic to make the frame. It's insane. I've contemplated just getting cheap kids sunglasses elsewhere and working with them:)