Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: New Nerf Round up- favourite configurations

Not including the Stampede (and the clear series of blasters), there are at least 5 "new" Nerf N-Strike blasters available overseas that are not available domestically in Australia. Adding to that items like the Longstrike (which doesn't seem to "officially" be an Australian release) and accessories like the Mission Kits, camouflage darts and the popular tactical vest, we down under do get royally shafted compared to our overseas cousins. As a collector, I've managed to acquiring all of the new gear to date and other than the novelty of them being "new", I personally believe the cool stakes are definitely much higher than older blasters from years gone by. My attention however has shifted now from merely "acquiring" to properly "playing" with them..

You're either SWAT.. or you're not. But you can always pretend:)
Ok, so i've mentioned it several times but the new Alpha Trooper CS-18 has taken the title of my favourite blaster; it's the all purpose blaster with power and accuracy and configured with the Spectre REV-5 stock and the Mission Kit Pinpoint sight and you've got versatility for all situations. As the name suggests, is totally at home in squad based tactical, multi purpose situations...unlucky for me, I however am always on my own, so it's me vs the girlfriend, but if I'm gonna pretend I'm an elite SWAT specialist, I can also pretend I have a whole squad of friends who like NERF:P Alpha Troopers are readily available in the US from Targets and several e-tailers like Dartzmart.

Pssst. I've got you in my sights. Just don't know how far that actually is.

Not the confrontational type? Bit of a loner? Prefer sneaking around under the cover of darkness? (lets park the fact the blaster is bright yellow) The Spectre REV-5 is for you. Equip it with the "silencer" attachment, strip the stock and slide on a Mission Kit Pinpoint Sight and don the night vision goggles and you're ready to sneak up the stairs to infiltrate...your own bedroom. Just be careful of how far that last stair actually is:) Spectre REV-5's are available in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and should be available in the US in October from Walmarts.

"Come get some! You want some of this?" (but don't say that if u wanna survive)

Bit more of an in your face kinda person? Like busting through the front door where the odds are stacked against you? In true Salem + Rios Army of Two style, don the ballistic mask, chuck on the tactical gear and strap as many clips as your bandalier kit can hold to yourself and arm yourself to the teeth with the Deploy CS-6 configured with an Alpha Trooper CS-18 drum and a Recon CS-6 barrel extension. Need more firepower? Semi automatic goodness with the yet-to-be-officially released Barricade RV-10 with a Recon CS-6 stock and Mission Kit Pinpoint sight and shoulder strap. Tough:) The Deploy CS-6 is available all over the world except..Australia in both original yellow and clear finishes. The Barricade RV-10 is found in China and Taiwan at this stage or occasionally on ebay.

"mmm. brainz..."
No test of new firepower would be complete with a challenge from the forces of the evil undead. Up against zombies? Time to arm yourself with a solid melee weapon like a Nerf baseball bat (we don't have N-Force swords here in Australia) and then it's all about aggressive rapid fire and precision accuracy for zombie headshots. So again, bring out your Alpha Trooper but configure it with a Raider CS-35 drum for maximum rounds for your slam-fire, with multiple clips strapped to your chest. Keep your Barricade RV-10 on side for semi automatic short range goodness against multiple zombies. And because it's important to enjoy what you do, the new Barrel Break IX-2 will give you two shots to finish them off. (The scarf is for wiping yourself off should any zombie mess get on you) Barrel Breaks are available exclusively in the US from Toys R Us, which doesn't mean a whole lot when it's available all over the world as well. Except here in Australia.

So there you have it; the 2010 line-up that Australia was never meant to have:( At least the Stampede has been promised to us real soon...

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  1. Accordding to oznerf the barrell break and deploy will soon be avilible in Australia for 25 and 50 dollars.

  2. So buying a Barrel break haha.

    Longstrikes are readily available* in Australia too, as a Target exclusive I'd imagine but I might be wrong.

    *Only during Christmas and Toy Sale.

  3. Mmm. Hear what you're saying but I find if a blaster is only available "occasionally from one toy store sometimes" it doesn't stand as an official release. It's like Magstrikes. They're only in K-Mart..sometimes.

    I bought my Longstrike from Fishpond about 8 months ago. Apparently Fishpond are all about grey imports, so I'm told what's available on their site isn't necessarily indicative of Australian stock.

    Then again, ultimately.. as long as I can get it, that's what matters;P

  4. Nice series, next time you do one of these, here are some other situations you can think up combinations for:
    - A "five shall enter, one shall leave" style deathmatch/cage fight.
    - You're on sentry duty and someone's trying to sneak past your position.

  5. Currently there are plenty of Magstrike and Vulcans floating around in Kmarts. I've seen them myself. I'm also sure they have a few hiding in the back.

    Idea for the sentry duty: Heat seeking, auto targeting Vulcan =). That way all you have to do is reload it haha.

    Idea for the cage fight thing: Airzone Scatterblast (Plenty in Toys R Us. Grenade! =D

  6. On the magstrikes, I can consistently find many Magstrikes in my local K-marts

  7. Back on topic with 2010 guns, does anyone know any rough release dates for the Deploy? I can't wait to get one, and Fishpond doesn't have any stock at the moment :(

  8. On oznerf, I read they're coming to TRU at around $50 a pop. I think Christmas was mentioned somewhere in there.

  9. P13c30fch33s3- I've got two brand new Deploys if you're interested. $63 AUS for the yellow and $67AUS for the clear plus shipping if you can't wait that long:)

  10. What e-mail address should I send questions etc to?

  11. if you need to contact me:)

  12. AT = zombie repellent. :)

  13. my favorite recon configuration is Recon CS-6 with Longstrike barrel, recon light, recon scope + Raider stock