Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Super Soaker MaxD 6000

The Super Soaker MaxD 6000 originally came out in 2002 and was considered to be a very good mid sized water blaster at the time. Originally in black, yellow and orange colour schemes, it sported a funky air pressure gauge to let you know how "pumped" you were, and other than the Flashflood, would have been considered one of the better, if not best Super Soakers of this decade. Well.. I'm happy to say it's back. SO what's different in this updated model? I can happily say- almost nothing:)

The MaxD 6000, like most Super Soakers comes by itself with no assembly required- open your box and it's ready to go. Although it sports an updated look, the box itself does says it is "from the makers of NERF" as opposed to the full blown Nerf branding of the Shotblast and Rattler blasters.
Super Soaker Max D 6000. Yeah baby.
The blaster uses the same mold as it did in 2002 which means there are still traces of the original "Larami" badges (the original maker of Super Soakers from the 90's). Appearance-wise, it sports an updated colour scheme like the current model Shot blasts and Rattlers (and the Nerf N-Strike Raider and Longstrike) with the dark blue and orange. Given it is using the original mold, there are no tactical rails..which doesn't bother me too much.

The MaxD 6000 uses an air pressure system that Super Soakers are well known for; this does lend itself to occasional one handed fire which I like. The tank is filled by the standard screw top with the lid attached by a string. I always prefer the Flashflood's quick fill style of lid but given this is an older mold, I'll accept the screw top.
Handle looks like a fish.

The pump neck is at the front and for my mind a little flimsy and I'd be afraid to bend or snap it. the grip is a strange rounded edged shape which takes getting used to. What's good is it doesn't take much to pump it up to capacity, about 7-8 pumps gets you into the full range and you can tell this by the air pressure gauge found on the left side of the blaster above the trigger. Nifty!
Pressure gauge. Yup.. I'm flat.

The power of the MaxD 6000 is great- it doesn't have the crazy recoil of the CPS blasters of the 90's, but it's a firm, steady constant stream that goes quite far. The blaster is also fitted with a rotating 4 option head so you can adjust the stream's thickness and power to suit your needs.
Four nozzles to choose from. Oh the options!

On the whole, the MaxD 6000 rocks. I played with one in 2002 and always wanted to get one, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them on shelves this morning, thus quickly snapping one up. It's colour scheme is definitely an improvement from the original (and subsequent re releases over the years) and it feels nice in the hand. It's a great mid-sized blaster and is testament that with Super Soakers, sometimes older technology is actually better as it trumps any of the new Nerf Super Soaker line, hands down. Other than it looking a lil funny:)

Available from Toys R Us in Australia for $29.95.

Usability: 7/10
Out of the box performance: 9/10
Cool factor: 8/10
Price point: 8/10


  1. Also in Target haha. I'm not sure on the price though.

  2. So I was at the mall recently, and when I passed by the hobby store I saw a reboxed version of the arctic shock and splash fire. It's box design had the same style as your max-d 6000. (which I also saw) BTW I live in the US