Thursday, September 2, 2010

Showcase: Our favourite blaster of the week

Ooh. metal brief case. How.. discreet:) 
Ok the question I get almost daily is "In your opinion what's the best Nerf blaster"; and it's a tough one, because it really does depend on my mood and what scenario I've got going at the time..when no-one is looking:)

We're going to start doing a piece once a week, showcasing what we think are the best blasters with the best configurations. Soooooo.. this week... what ARE we at Urban Taggers currently packing? What's out of the storage crate and in the briefcase?:)

Lil' bit of x-ray vision to have a sneak peek...

This week we're show casing Nerf blaster has to be the Alpha Trooper CS-18 with Pinpoint sight and Spectre REV-5 stock. This blaster is AWESOME.

Why it rocks: The Alpha Trooper by itself is a fantastic blaster due to it's versatility- out of the box it's quite powerful yet accurate, lightweight and comfortable to hold. It's massive selling points are the very cool 18 round drum, which is the real find of the year- small and unintrusive but with 18 rounds you can still inflict serious foamage. While I always liked the Raider's 35 round drum, it was always a little overkill for me for apartment conflict and quite the pain in the butt to pick up the darts afterwards; I rarely emptied the whole drum- 8-10 darts was enough to get the impact I required (and a cushion to the head in retaliation).

Slam-fire capacity is also a great plus for rapid fire hell-for-leather cover. 

Adding the Spectre's folding stock gives the blaster more control when you need to steady yourself for single fire accuracy but you can then quickly fold it away so it doesn't get in the way of crazy rapidfire. 

Alpha Trooper CS-18.. our pic of the weelk
The Pinpoint Sight is small enough to not also get in the way but is the most accurate sight that allows for the accuracy of sending a round down a balcony into the couch below. 

Flexibility, versatility, amazing out of the box performance- it's lightweight yet robust, and it looks tuff to boot.
Ok I've gushed enough. Nerf-gasm done:)


  1. Lol Nerf-gasm

    I'm hoping the Alpha Trooper lives up to your gushing. Can't wait til mine comes in the mail... some time in the next month or so...

    Right now I'm holding a magstrike, which thanks to you, I picked up from Kmart today. There are so many magstrikes... I was very tempted to get a second one.

    Right now, my favourite is the magstrike... but that's how it is when I get a new gun. Still liking the spectre though =)

  2. Gotta agree, thus far the Alpha with Raider stock is the one I keep ciming back too. We'll see if that changes soon...

  3. Agreed that getting something new always makes it "my favourite"- ALTHOUGH... that being said I picked up the 'Capture the Flag' Strike Fire kit, and while I think they're a great blaster, it wouldn't make my top 5 even though I got it AFTER my Alpha Trooper.

    Magstrikes are cool, they're just "over" too quick:)

  4. Haha. Yeah I think that's the only downside. But if you somehow get a hold of a second or third mag... happy days!

    So, which is your favourite of all time now? The Trooper or the Raider?

  5. It'd have to depend on my mood, but right now, I ALMOST have to say the Trooper takes the win. I still love the Raider, but the AT is just so versatile. It's more accurate and has more power out of the box. I also LOVE the 18 round drum over the 35 round one; if you could buy more, I would:)

  6. Those 18 round drums will be hard to come by. I'm hoping an Aussie modder wrecks one of his guns (say, a perfectly breeched longshot with a frontgun intergration) and rages from Nerf entirely. Puts his whole collection up on ebay for bids. I'd so swoop in... if that ever happens...

    *sigh* damn my imagination.

  7. Just wondering, how much was the postage to get the AT over here?

  8. Well I got two. Originally, I bought one without a drum for $15US (solely for modding purposes since I have a high powered Recon spring in my drawer). I bought a second for $31 US, this time with the drum and the darts. I bundled the two AT's together since I got them from the same bloke. The total postage came to $28.50US. I suspect they were sent through the ultra slow mail (Like on a garbage barge or something) though, and that they'll take bloody forever to get here haha.

  9. I've considered getting another, simply because they are awesome.. but given "Nerf wars" are pretty much just me vs whoever's on the couch at the time (and they're normally only armed with a cushion or stuffed toy animal), it's probably overkill:P

  10. Well if you want to really put some fear into your roomies, here's the seller. They have a couple up which are pretty cheap and the Aussie conversion rate is a bit better now. Have a look, the name of the ebayer is ericnfay.

  11. I just received my Alpha Trooper CS-18 in the mail today, and it is quite good! One thing that you might want to add is that you may store a single dart in the handle, (similar to the terminator, in this regard) for emergency situations! Regards,


  12. For the price including the postage, do you think i should just wait for the AT to come out in AUS?
    Also, do you think the Deploy will come out first?

  13. It's hard to say; I'm not really that patient and I also weighed things up with the fact that Nerf blasters aren't that cheap here in Australia. Seeing Raiders for instance for around 50-80 dollars for me suggests the Alpha Trooper, WHEN it comes to Australia would be priced around that 50-60 mark anyway. I get my Alpha Troopers from overseas, with shipping and dollar exchange for under 70 dollars AUS. SO I figure it's worth it, and it IS my fav blaster now.

    As for the Deploy- man I have NO idea what's going on with that, it should have been out by now. It's so hard to understand Nerf's distribution strategy.

    Basically, I don't believe they're going to be THAT much cheaper when they do come out here domestically to be honest. So if you find yourself hanging for around online and you should find an ok deal. I guess I just don't like being told what I can and cannot buy because of the country I live in:)

  14. the alpha trooper cs-18 is really cool