Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nostalgia: Nerf Hydroball- "Reusable" water bombs..

I was going through some of my old stuff at my Mum's place when I found one of these from the early 90's. Nerf released a "reusable water bomb" which was essentially just a glorified sponge:) One of my friends I used to work with at Toys R Us during high school claimed the texture of one of these was not unlike that of a girl's boob. It's wonder I didn't buy two?


  1. Does it "explode with water!"? Or is it a ball that you get wet and throw at people?

  2. It's basically a sponge:) You soak it in a bucket, then you throw it, and when it hits someone in the head, it gives a satisfying "CHOK" noise followed by the person's "awww farrrrk!!!" :)