Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preview: Stampede availability- place your bets!

You can cut it with a knife.. or.. an automatic dart blaster. Pic courtesy of fishpond.com.au
The official launch of the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS is in 2 days time; as always we in Australia are used to launches being notoriously late here. The thing is, there's quite a lot of evidence to suggest it MIGHT actually make it here on time. Fishpond.com.au have already posted on their Facebook page that if you preordered it- it's gonna get to you by 9-9-10.  But even more so, you know it's official when something makes mainstream press: - not just any mainstream press but the Mum's + Dad's style "there's-a-new-thing-called-the-ipad" uber late mainstream press. This article even claims it's already available across Australia. Whoooah.

I did a quick uber idealistic pass across my local Target + Myer, but sure enough.. not yet.. What's the bet that they're GOING to make it to KMart/Target/Myer ON Thursday? Place your bets... anyone?

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  1. I'm willing enough to tour 1/2 the city on Thursday with a 15 month old under my arm. But lets say I won't be absolutely heartbroken should it not be there.
    I might be if it was & sold out, but not if it wasn't there to begin with...

  2. A few weeks ago I saw a ticket for the Nerf Stampede Big Blast in K-Mart for $78, but the shelf was empty

  3. Alright lads?

    I'm a Fishpond pre-order. Got an email this arvo telling me its been dispatched and that I should receive it sometime between thi Thursday and next Monday.

    @Pocket - only discovered your blog on the weekend - great stuff!


    Neil S-B

  4. I unfortunately preordered waaay in advance with Toyguru.com.au who GUARANTEED me they were the first in Australia to get the Stampede. But then it was early October. I alas will just have to wait:(

  5. Any locals planning a midnight Kmart run.. JUST in case? If so... be considerate to others and don't buy 5:P

  6. I might have a quick look at my local kmart. They do have bandolier kits... so I wouldn't be surprised if the Stampede turned up tomorrow haha. Will see what I can see.

  7. Stock update:

    Myers Canberra (Civic) has Raiders, Recons, Vulcans, bandoliers, darts, and super soakers.

    Target Canberra (Civic) has a few Recons, NiteFinders, Dart Tag.

    Big W Canberra (Civic) has Recons and BB Double Shots. Underneath that there is a large space on the shelves I'd like to think is being saved for some Stampedes....

    Super Toyworld (Fyshwick) have got most of the above plus a few Longshots and a pile of BB stuff.

    Might just wander out to Belco KMart this arvo for a nosy.

    Neil S-B