Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preview: More Stampede mix + match goodness

Reminds me of Stallone: Cobra:P 
More mix and match combos with the Stampede:) As recommended.. Alpha Trooper with the 18 round clip. Looks tonka tuff:P More after the jump:)
Colour scheme clashes for me though. I can't shoot with such bad taste.
Longstrike with an Alpha Trooper 18 round drum, Bipod + Tactical Shield. 
And.. if you're in trouble, swing to the right hard and ur clip becomes a melee.. :P
Raider with a 18 round clip and the tactical shield. Can't put it on the front rails because it gets in the way of the cocking mechanism.
If you're on a mission in the dark.. or at a rave.
The Stampede ECS has a LOT of tactical rails. So I figured i'd use them... ok again.. now I'm just being silly:)


  1. That stampede looks pretty god damn awesome with all those unnecessary lasers on it. You're your very own light show!

  2. Thanks for the Stampede pic mate... it just looks plain awesome with all that stuff on:)

    Now I gotta go find a Stampede for a decent price...

  3. HOLY COW!! That is one awesome lookn' Stampede!

  4. How many recon lights do you have?
    Also: Someone sees three lasers on them. Make them think you have more guns...