Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random: Power Popper gets serious.. who needs a Stampede?:P

Power Popper Hailstorm. Now THAT's automatic fire.
Remember my post on the all "awesome" Power Popper with the zombie kid? Seems like the Power Popper wasn't a one off. Hell no, they've added some PRE-TTY powerful stuff that'll send Nerfers everywhere into the corner, cowering in fear. Behold the Power Popper Hailstorm. Rapid fire automatic mega power. And wait till you see what other weapons of mass foam-struction they have in store.. after the jump.

Rapid fire power.. and he still smiles with contempt!
A simple turn of the crank and unleash the ball blasting fury of the Power Popper Hailstorm! But that's not all.. remember the original Power Popper?

That's. really. incredible. really.
The thing we Nerf lovers have always wanted is double barrel functionality.. Where Nerf may have had deaf ears (until the Barrel Break), Power Popper listened..
and.. intuitively named.. DOUBLE BARREL POWER POPPER. OMG!

21 rounds and rugged construction? That's it, we're history.
What can I say? Power Popper. It's the future. :P (ok, it's no "Cosmic Thruster" though)

The biggest fear is THIS is what you're going to get for Christmas from your grand parents. No really.

"What was it that lil' Bobby wanted again?"
"Oh some sort of toy gun that shoots sponges or foam or something. Noof or Nerrd or something."
"Power Popper?"
"Maybe that was it"
"This does shoot foam balls. That sounds a bit dangerous?"
"No it says it's safe indoor fun. That sounds nice doesn't it?"
"He did say he wanted something that shot quite a lot at a very fast rate"
"hmm. this one sounds exactly what he wants. And it's not very expensive either"
"Oh Bobby will be so happy"
"Oh I know. I do know what young kids want these days"
"Why couldn't we have Power Poppers when we were growing up?!"

Be afraid.


  1. this thing is kinda crappy. takes three pumps to get loaded. Drop the handle and just bring the tube back and forthyou can get some decent shots, my stampede still sends these lil guys running for cover.