Monday, September 27, 2010

Rediscovering my Vulcan EBF-25

I've recently rediscovered my love for the Vulcan EBF-25:)

Although at the time the Vulcan EBF-25 was considered the mother of all Nerf blasters, it seemed to over time lose popularity amongst avid Nerfers. I'm not really sure why, it IS a kick-ass blaster, popping off 3 rounds a second (or..lots more if you've got a modding streak in you) and is an absolute beast to go up against. It was also the 4th N-Strike blaster I acquired (after the Maverick, Nitefinder + Recon) and I recall while I thought it was awesome at the time, it very quickly fell into one of my least played with blasters.. until now:)

The issue I had with the Vulcan was mainly due to the fact that it was kinda bulky to carry around and was not easy to store- ie it didn't fit in the storage tub I had for my Nerf. SO it'd just sit there on TOP of the tub for everyone to see so people would come over, go "whoahh what's that" and then instantly grab it; they'd try to operate it but would never know how. Sooo I'd have to load the belt into the blaster, watch them fire off the 25 rounds into the back of my couch or bookcase, laugh it off, put it down and then walk off.

The springloaded tripod thingy is also annoying as hell and just gets in the way.

Having only ONE automatic blaster meant casual users (ie my guests) easily were sold on electronic rapid firing goodness, no-one wanted to use the other blasters, and you just had a whole bunch of people wanting a "turn" of the Vulcan. 

The rapid fire of the Vulcan also meant you'd go thru rounds like nothing else, and then the pain in the butt of having to find all your darts again (almost without fail I'd lose at least one), and then spend the tedious task of reloading the belt again.. only to repeat the next time someone came over:P 

I solved this by 1) buying a bigger storage tub to 2) hide the Vulcan from people who came over and then 3) bought more ammo belts:) Then I realised the other simple solution is 4) make them go pick up the darts themselves :)

It was getting my Stampede that actually made me play with the Vulcan a lil' more. Obvious comparisons, being both automatic blasters and farkin' huge made me ponder which one I enjoyed more. I couldn't make a decision, which proved the Vulcan actually had more going for it than I thought..and the more i've been using it, the more I find it almost more enjoyable?!

It's not that I don't love the Stampede- it's just I think there are areas that the Vulcan is just more.. satisfying. For instance, using whistler darts in the Vulcan is awesome.I personally find them weighted better and more accurate, and hearing them soar in the air one after the other making that awesome "fsssssss" sound in the air (ok that was supposed to be a whistle, not a squeaky fart) and raining on your target is just an experience. You can't get that with the Stampede, which uses the CS streamline darts.

Secondly I admit, while initially frustrating, it IS pretty cool to watch casual users (especially girls in my social circle) pick up the Vulcan and burst out in hilarious (almost malicious!) laughter while they fire rounds at some unsuspecting person. They just don't have that with the Stampede.

Finally..the aesthetics-it just looks like an absolute beast! Stampede is sleeker and more confortable to hold, but it doesn't evoke that "wtf is that?" reaction that the Vulcan does.

I'm hearing rumours that the Vulcan may be discontinued, which will be sad because i still think it belongs in every Nerf collector's arsenal. If you haven't played with yours in a while, take it out and dust it off and spend some quality time with it:)


  1. I personally hate it man, and why? I war, this isn't a war blaster in the slightest, bulky and impractical and don't even try to say it's an intimidation weapon. If someone pulls out a Vulcan at a war most people just laugh, step back 5 metres and shoot them nice and hard with their Longshot. What is an intimidation weapon however, is a singled Big Blast because the second somebody gets one of those out, everyone runs straight for cover.

    The Stampede is a far superior weapon man, in a war context anyway, one of the Oz Nerf guys got his to about 60' and can still squeeze more out of it. It's also WAY more comfortable to hold and easier to rush with (I know from personal experience), not to mention quicker and easier to reload. As for whistlers, we always use Stefans, and believe me, landing a solid hit with those is very satisfying (and a damn sight easier as they actually shoot straight).

    1. just saying some of us don't mod and have indoor Nerf wars :3

  2. its got a new packing [aesthetically] and its got a slightly new model, with a shorter barrel and a new "easy load belt" look for it in maybe a targe store.

  3. I love my Vulcan- don't think it's an intimidation weapon, I think it's more of a "BAHAHAHAA" kind of gun.My friends have Stampedes and I want one but for now the Vulcan holds its own.I've used it against their Stampedes in the backyard and by the park and I can run with it fine

  4. In your first pic of the Vulcan, why does the bottom belt look smaller than the top?

    I think that the decision to include the tripod was a very good idea because the Vulcan is more of a defensive weapon.

    Also, the new box art for the Vulcan lacks the extra barrel extension bit (very small bit). Is it just the box or is there no more abrrel attachment?

  5. Genericwizardguy: I'd probably agree with you that in a "War" situation the Vulcan would be a dog to wield. I think it was probably the reason WHY it lost popularity over time- it's just a stupid impractical blaster that screams "awkward" any which way you look at it.

    It's just fun to play with though. I don't doubt the Stampede is a far more superior weapon, but the Vulcan is just a big, loveable gentle giant. Which is pretty useless in any combat, but makes for fun times at show and tell:P

  6. I have to say I have a new look at my Vulcan. While I like to tinker with molding some blasters I am a casual nerf war type, ya know have friends over and they notice the collection so we play with them, so the Vulcan IS great. Yeah the girls git giddy and since the young ones are playing they have a blast. No one really wants to play with the nodded nerf because they hurt and it is fun to laugh when you are hit. Not whimper.

  7. P13c30fch33s3: I noticed this recently that the belts are different sizes. The top belt was the one that came with the original Vulcan (which was from 2 yrs ago); they've since changed the belts to add the green tip and cut the dart holders. Why they're shorter, I'm not sure?

  8. I love my Vulcan - it was the first Nerf gun I ever bought (and in fact I bought 2 at the same time - one for me and the missus)and I dont think I could ever part with it. The WTF Factor for non-Nerfers remain the same, and it was because of getting to have a play with someone elses Nerf that I got started!

  9. I think the Vulcan is a ridiculously impractical and bulky gun, but that's why I love it so much. You just don't get that crazy pow-pow machine gun essence from the Stampede.

    As for 'intimidation', I think that should be left to the Magstrikes and Rapid Fire 20s. I once chased away an enemy in a nerf war with a completely empty Magstrike.

  10. Personally, I think that the Vulcan IS a great weapon. While not meant to be carried around, it would make a great defensive weapon. Just put it in a tight, long hallway and make sure that you have some sort of cover (a good idea would be toset it up on a couch). I've been owned by my little bro 'cause he was packing the Vulcan (I had the Stampede). Never underestimate the Vulcan. Never.

  11. the vulcan sucks. all my friends have it and so dose my brother and all of them have cocking problems. not to mention the bulkieness

  12. The Vulcan is a good base defending weapon standing sentinel, while of course the Stampede is a mixture of both: a sentinel defensive weapon and a mobile rapid fire weapon.