Thursday, September 16, 2010

Preview: Stampede ECS Tactical Shield.. always use protection:)

Stampede ECS tactical shield. Protects against darts. adds to poor posture
One of the more innovative attachments that was available with the Stampede ECS was the tactical shield, designed to provide cover against opposing foam (though it's pretty useless against cushions and other makeshift throwing devices). I'm a fan of it in that it's finally something that sits on a tactical rail that ISN'T a scope or light, but it's also something that can kind of get in the way and is prone to falling off in the heat of the moment. Anyway I thought I'd try it out on other N-Strike blasters...
Cutting to the chase straight away, the shield is not as versatile as you'd hope. Unfortunately it does not fit on all blasters, including the one that probably made the most sense in the Vulcan EBF-25. Why you ask?
Vulcan with the shield. Dude.. do a sit up or something.. fatty.
From this angle it doesn't look that bad, except if you look closer you'll realise the tactical rail clips are sitting several cm above the actual rail. That's because the Vulcan is too wide, leaving no room for the shield to successfully fit around the blaster.
it's just not gonna fit. Dammit!
Therefore in turn, the tactical shield won't fit stocky blasters like the Firefly or the Dart tag Furyfire. Soo.. trying it out on blasters that it WILL fit...

Deploy with 18 round clip, bipod and tactical shield. In your face.
Here's a Deploy CS-6 with a Recon barrel. Attaching the tactical shield to the handle of the Deploy means the shield is all the way at the back of the blaster. It doesn't look bad though.

And another view. With the 18 round clip at full mast:)
I've already tried it with an Alpha Trooper in a previous post and it too sat right at the back of the blaster in your face.

Let's try it with some other blasters now:
At first I thought it wouldn't fit the Barricade because of it's fat barrel, but it ended up gripping nicely at the back of the blaster. I don't know if you'd really use it on a blaster such as this, but if you add a stock it might have a pseudo assault rifle look? Maybe? ok I'm clutching at straws:)

Ok... the Maverick.. not really comfortable..
Shield on the Spectre. At least it's not at the back..
I don't mind it so much on the Spectre. Probably not practical.. but it looks ok..

Element EX-6 with a Shield. Discreet:P
With the Element. Ok now I'm just being silly:P


  1. I had to laugh at the Maverick one. Hilarious!

    Also it's stupid that it doesn't fit on the Vulcan. I'd have though that's the gun you'd put it on... since the Vulcan is (well at least in my opinion) the best defensive weapon out.

  2. Would trimming down the insideof the shield slightly allow it to fit the vulcan?
    Also, the shield probably makes more sense on the recon barrel when attached to the Deploy.

  3. There'd be a fair bit to trim to be honest- you'd probably be better trying to build a shield from scratch in my opinion.(ooh.. that'd be cool..)

    As for the recon barrel- probably right:) Good call.

  4. Could you possibly post a pic of a Longshot wit the shield (if it fits) and the 18 dart clip?

  5. Looks Awesome with nitefinder :)

  6. To Anonymous,
    If you insult the Nite Finder one more time...
    Never mind, just next time don't mix your Nite Finders with your Elements...(hint, hint):P

  7. The shield is good on the barricade because you can block darts with it all ninja style!

  8. Actually, it fits on my Vulcan. Take the Recon tactical light, put it on the top rail, and then put the shield on top of the light's rail. There you go, you have protection and a way of seeing your targets in the dark.

  9. The blast shield works excellently with the Reflex.

  10. You were being silly when you put it on the maverick. That aside, I had to laugh at this. Except for the Barricade one, that w/sh/could work. Like, if you were dual wielding the Barricade (but you'd need another stampede I think for this) you could put a shield on each.