Saturday, September 18, 2010

Preview: Even more Stampede mix + match goodness

Longshot CS-6 with Stampede 18 round clip + tactical shield
Just a few more mix + match combos by request:)

Longshot with Recon Barrel, 18 round clip, bipod + tactical shield
I always forget there's a tactical rail on top of the Recon barrel attachment, so I moved the tactical shield forward..
Same as before but shifting the shield to the front
SO I revisited the shield with the Deploy CS-6..

Deploy CS-6 with 18 round clip, Recon barrel + Stampede shield + bipod
And then, revisiting the Recon, using the top tactical rail..

Recon with barrel attachment, 18 round clip, bipod + shield


  1. The first longshot pic looks quite stupid because the shield is quite high. The 18 dart clip looks out of place on the longshot. In the pics where the longshot has the recon barrel attachment, the shield looks quite pointless, as does the foregrip/bipod, because the longshot has its own bipod. The deploy pic looks just as unusual as the longshot pics because the shield seems too far forward. It is quite wierd how very few nerf guns look alright with the shield.

  2. Question...does the Stampede shield fit on the rail on the Magstrike?

  3. Officially, the shield "does" fit on the Magstrike, but only closer to the rear of the blaster. The Magstrike is too thick at the front of the tactical rail for it to fit, so you'd need to connect it close to your face- you're then faced with the issue that there's no room to get your hand/wrist thru to hold the grip and trigger.

    Sooo.. techically yes, but then u can't use the blaster:(

  4. Frankly, the magstrike's position of the tactical rail is pretty pointless. You can work out why. Perhaps they should have considered the position of most of the tactical rails before making the shield the way it is.