Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random: Spectre REV-5..with something to hold...

Ok, so in my review of the Spectre REV-5 I made comment that putting a stock on the blaster encouraged a two handed grip.. although there wasn't really anything to hold on. Sooo... I came up with a solution..
Spectre.Silent, deadly, stealthy.....this configuration is none of those things:)

Ok I didn't say it was a GOOD solution :P


  1. How would the recon barrel, or, possibly, the longstrike barrel work? Perhaps they would be a bit less conspicuous? As always, good work,


  2. Hey Urban Taggers, Robby Here! Please review the Powerclip DX1000 for me, I really want to see this gun in your blog before I want to get one (if I can).

  3. I LIKE IT!

    The frontgun will really make your spectre shoot further! =D

  4. awesome but the recon like this woks too [not sure if that was the right way to set out mah sentence]

  5. well, the extra bullet could make up for the lack of 1 bullet of the spectre

    But seriously though people arent use th a spectre having 6 shots so if they carge you you could pop of that shot and run for your life!

  6. i reckon that if you used a recon barrel with a recon flip up sight upside down on the bottom of the barrel then you could use the sight as a grip, thats what i always do with my recon whenever i have the light on top as a red dot