Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Multiple Nerf blasters: What are your preferences?

It's like seeing double. But.. not.
As you'd probably guess from previous posts, this week is Vulcan EBF-25 appreciation week for us at Urban Taggers, and because of this I ended up picking up another one on special today. Other than being sans barrel extension, it's pretty much the same as the older Vulcan I bought 2 years ago. Two Vulcans + 2 Stampedes does lead to a sea of orange foam everywhere in my living area and a rather irritable gf who was trying to watch a movie..

It raises a question though: how many of you have multiple numbers of the same Nerf blaster, and what's your rationale for doing so? (I know 2 or more Mavericks is quite common)


  1. I am a bit obsessive compulsive so I do tend to buy pairs of blasters. At first it was because I wanted to have one that I could mod out and one stock. Now, I want to share with my son but also get to play with the same blaster. So one each. Wifey does get a bit put off since storage is becoming an issue. The last benefit I see is that when friends come over there are more blasters and choices to go around and more clips that I didn't have to buy aftermarket.

  2. i bought 2 nerf magstrikes a few years back. Why you may ask, lets just say im not the only one who likes nerf in my family :)

  3. I own 7 mavericks + two more Mavericks that are salvaged for parts (total of 9). I had two magstrikes (and then I parted one of them out). I have 3 Firefly's ( I had 4 but I sold one). The reason I have so many firefly's and mavericks is because I pick them up at second hand stores and remove the AR's etc. and sell them for instance I use to have another firefly and another maverick but I sold them. Thesae two gun (Firefly &Maverick) are probably the most common at second hand stores for me, although I have picked up a broken Vulcan for $4 USD which I fixed (hahaha that made me feel like I got quite the deal)

  4. I reckon the only reason I would get double blasters is if:
    a) I have modded one and not the other
    b) I have damaged/broken one of them (in which case I would probably get 3)
    c) I need another for extra parts (possibly more)
    d) to share with my friends, while keeping the modded ones to myself :D
    e) If they are, for example, damaged but all the ammo is there, and the cost for it is less than just the ammo.
    e.g. broken Vulcan for $15 - with belt + darts
    worth more than just buying a seperate belt + darts - $15-$20 or so

    P.S. @Agent A $4 USD VULCAN????!!!! I wish I was that lucky...

  5. @Pocket: I assume you mean besides the Dart Tag box sets that have two blasters in them anyway.

    2 Longshots - because one of them was broken and I scrapped it for parts.
    2 Recons - because I painted the first one black (I was young and naive) and wanted to be able to use a Recon in public.
    2 Nitefinders - one clear and one regular.

    I'm considering getting a second Maverick, but it'd have to be a clear one, and also because my current one is dying a bit.

  6. Like many other, I have 2 Mavericks. I also have 2 Hyperfires (plus the smaller guns that came with them). I only have 2 Hyperfires because the whole set is mine. I bought two Mavericks because I can relatively easily prime the Mavericks at the same time, so dual-wielding is easy. I also bought two Stampedes, because they are comfortable and balanced enough for me to dual wield, and it's just stupid fun to do so.

  7. At the time I couldn't really think of all the guns I had, but I also have three nightfinders (just picked them up at second hand stores as well), 3 Titans (cause there just that awesome), 2 Scouts, 2 Furyfires (they come in sets of two), and two S.S. AS-1's

  8. We (me and my bros)(of same blaster) have 2 Mavericks (one modded one not) and 2 Nite Finder

  9. I usually get only one weapon (especially the heavier types like the Stampede or Vulcan) but I think having extras are useful for equipping other friends on your side who have inferior weapons. They are also useful if the gun you are using jams :D !

  10. i bought 4 barrel breaks, 2 specters, 6 stampedes, 3 vulcans, 8 magstrikes, 4 raiders, 4 hornets,titans,scouts and thats all i have well i have alot more i have so mutch is beacuse i love nerf guns when i buy 1 i have to have another to have a duo so thats why.

  11. since i have next to no nerf guns (3 nite finders, two aren't mine, a secret strike and a dead recon) i tend to dual wield two of the nite finders.

  12. I think im becoming a mav junkie. I only have two at the moment but will def be adding another soon. To me, mavs are great guns, right outta the box. They're simple to use when your playing with friends or younger sibblings who are new to nerf. They can take a good beating, Ive seen some dropped/thrown on both concrete and grass with only minimal cosmetic blemishes. Also, mavs are alotta fun to mod as they are easy to perform with simple tools (unlike a recon or longstrike) and get great results. Only ten bucks at most places, mavericks perform better than some guns 2x the price

  13. 2 Elite Barrel Breaks
    2 Magstrikes

  14. Just starting with my collection.

    Currently have one Stampede and a Rayven. I wouldn't mind get another two of them to dual wield and for me to play with my niece.

    Planning to get two Mavericks/two Strong arms/two Fireflies.

    Having two means you can dual wield if possible, customize one while maintaining the other one and play with another (my niece).