Friday, September 3, 2010

Off to Darwin.. back real soon now!

mm. nerf vs croc.. errrr..
I'm just heading up to Darwin for a few days, so there'll be a brief lack of posts; but I'm back early next week so I'll be back in the saddle then. I doubt anything drastic will happen in the Nerf world (knowing my luck my local KMart will bring out Stampedes early while I'm away...)

Cheers! - Pocket

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  1. Went to the local Super Wal-Mart, they have stocked the shelves with the current stock of N-Strike items (Maverick, Recon, Longstrike, Nitefinder, Vulcan, and Deploy), brand new items (Tactical Vest, Camouflage darts, the Bandoleer, flip clips, and N-Force Shield). They've even cleared spots for the upcoming Stampede, Spectre, and the N-Force Mace.

    Have a good time, Pocket.