Sunday, September 19, 2010

Preview: Mounting a Stampede ECS shield on a Vulcan EBF

I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before. Mucking around with my Nerf haul last night (I've been away from home the past week) I fitted the tactical shield on a Recon red light and then it hit me... maybe this would mean what I think it means...

Excited, I then found out that this is old news for many in the Nerf community:P

Mwahahha. Not only are you shielded but you can annoy the couch dweller with the red light..

Ta Da... Vulcan shield goodness! Actually fits quite well and doesn't look bad admittedly:) The Recon attachments are always particularly useful due to their dual tactical rails. Like a double adaptor per se:)

SO what it does mean is some of the blasters I thought couldn't support the Stampede's shield can now.. albeit some do better than others.

It works really well on the Firefly REV-8..
"could not believe my eyes, a shield on a firefly..."
It also fits and makes sense on a Dart Tag Fury Fire..
Not that you're supposed to do head shots anyway, but still..
On the Magstrike however, I'm still not sure...


  1. Awesome! Took some "thinking outside the box" to pull it off but it works. Now lets put a bandoleer belt on it, a very long ammo belt, and take a page from Jesse Ventura in Predator. =D

  2. Now I wish I vould get the Shield without having to fork out the cash for the Stampede.

  3. Not everyone's a fan of the shield, so there will no doubt be Stampede owners who'd probably be selling off/trading their shields. That being said.. anyone who's gotten a Stampede loves it:)

  4. are you gonna review the nerf magstrike?

  5. They should so make a Tactical Accessory kit that comes with:
    A Laser, a Scope, a Shield, a handel/bipod, and a bullet holder. That's all. :)

  6. Good ol' Recon light and Tactical scope... The Tactical rail extention cords.

  7. Why bother with a shield on the Magstrike? An emptied magazine delivers the same amount of protection :P
    Actually, probably not, but still...