Monday, July 25, 2011

eBay: Nerf Vortex 'Tech Kit' clip refills

As brought to our attention by Jared from Nerf Blaster Reviews, here's a seller on eBay who's listing the "Tech Kit" clip refill for the Praxis + Nitron. This one's a 10 round clip..seller asking for 20 bucks for it. Not sure if anyone'll bite.. but given the increase in premature availability.. maybe:)

NERF Vortex Praxis & Nitron dart gun Refill discs &clip | eBay


  1. pocket, could you put aiden wolf nerf on your other tagger sites colum,many people are a big fan of it


  2. Can you say OVERPRICED?

    It's still nice to know that they'll be selling extra clips for them.

  3. Well what do you expect - pre-official release on eBay. I remember when ebay sellers were asking $140 for Stampedes, and let's not forget the pre-release Swarmfire...

  4. glad to see clips