Thursday, July 21, 2011

Light Strike: Dual Wielding.. it's possible! (sort of)

We've been puzzling over the idea of dual wielding Light Strike blasters for a few days now; and after some advice from some smart cookies in the know and lots of trial and error, I think we've got it covered.

Firstly, you need to understand that if you're using your Light Strike tagger by itself without the vest, the inbuilt sensors record your health status. If however you pair the blaster with a target vest, the health sensor ability is 'transferred' to the vest and the blaster no longer manages that aspect. If you're firing at your opponent wearing a paired target vest, there's no point aiming at their gun; sure it'll register that you are hitting it with lights and sounds, but your opponent's health will not change at all. 

Recap- shoot gun if there's no vest, don't shoot gun if there IS a paired vest. Shoot the vest. dual wield...

Once you've paired your Light Strike tagger to your vest, your vest should illuminate the colour of your team. Since your tagger no longer captures the health data, it's just used to shoot whichever weapon you've selected. Even shields are now managed by the vest. (it has a "shield" button on the side of the chest target)

What you can do now is pair another tagger to the vest in the same manner as the first, and it too will behave like a "drone" blaster as such, with no health or shield management. As long as its the same team colour as the original blaster and vest, you're ready- There you go.. dual wielding Light Strike laser tag..just like the box art:)

The only drawback to this, is if you yourself are taken out of the game and your health is down to zero, you may be dead (your chest sensor will flash) but your taggers will STILL be active, regardless of whether you're using one OR two taggers. Meaning.. the glitch is you can still take out other opponents, even though you're basically dead. I don't think the taggers revert back to managing health and shields either, so if you're not aware of what's going on, you may end up cheating and tagging opposing players even though you're actually dead... 

Talk about taking zombies to the next level..


  1. thanks pocket so glad to here you can duel wield taggers.portal ps can do a video of this

  2. Does the whole zombie thing happen even if you're only using one gun? 'Cuz that would kind of be a drawback to the system.

  3. So all you have to do is pair two taggers to the same vest? It's that easy? Thanks for all of the in-depth light strike reviews, Pocket.

  4. Now that's just stupid. I am hoping maybe wowwee will pay attention to reviews and use what they learn to make these things better. It's a good start but so many little things that need to be fixed. Also I remember someone saying something about there not being a sensor on the back. That's because it's on the shoulder and if worn properly will be able to be hit from behind