Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Light Strike official website. More intel awaits!

Oooh.. customise my blaster.. 
WowWee have finally launched the official website for their upcoming Light Strike laser tag system. The site looks good but is unfortunately at this stage full of broken links (when I checked there was no actual videos to link to or full listing of products available) and a few typos (One of the blasters is called a "DCR D23" but occasionally changes to "DCP D23" when you're customising the rifles on the cool flash demo thingy) but no doubt that'll be rectified in the following days. We've done a quick summary of intel from the site- more after the jump.

*note- videos seem to be up now, and content looks more or less complete!

From what I can gather there's a LOT of effort that WowWee have put into this line. Here's what I've worked out so far. There's three main lines of Light Strike 'Striker' available:

-an organic looking alien-esque red one in the DCP D13
-a traditional pistol looking CAP-D24
-a squashed Nerf spectre looking, looking SP-144.

I have no idea if any of these are making it to Australia, as they haven't been at all featured in the catalogues. They might all look different but that's where the differences end- it's an aesthetic thing and up to personal preference.

There is also a more 'amped'  "Assault Striker" larger rifle range available:

-an organic looking alien-esque red one in the DCR D13
-a Nerf Stampede looking CAR-D23
-a squarer, almost construction-esque looking SR-143.

The assault strikers do seem to have better stats in all aspects to their pistol counterparts so that adds to the playability; as with the pistols though the differences between these rifle's themselves are purely aesthetic and will be down to personal preference (from what I can gather from the Target catalogue, only the organic DCR D13 is coming to Australia although maybe that'll change)

The attachments are awesome and are designed to fit and interchange with any Assault Striker. Rather than just being an aesthetic mod, they appear to up the blaster's performance:

Rapidfire: increases fire rate, damage and ammo of your blaster
Refractor: basically a shot gun- increases damage and spread of your blaster
Scanner: detects where enemies are within a 10 metre radius and boosts damage and spread of your blaster
Scope: increases range and accuracy of your blaster.

SO far Target have only listed the rapid fire and shot gun attachments, but hopefully we'll also get the listed scopes and scanners that are featured on the Light Strike site.

The targets are also pretty cool- the blasters have an in built hit sensor but you can also get additional external vests which serve as more of than just more areas to shoot at, but also has a shield mechanism to protect you in short bursts. I'm also liking the availability of more targets to serve as "flags" and other static areas  for in game firing, looking to replicate an actual arena game at home. The intelligent rotating target looks interesting:)

There looks to also be a "show" to accompany the line called "Light Strike Arena". I can't help think it's similar to the Nerf N-Strike game on the Wii.. but time will tell:)

Light Strike

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  1. Pocket, do you think that the letters in the blaster's name could stand for something? Like, the p's in the strikers could stand for "pistol" and the r's for something else? The letters before it could decide what skin it has, whether it's alien, heavy(?), or regular.

    --That One Dude--