Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Light Strike: More on the ITS

More videos sent to us from Joel of the Light Strike ITS motorised target. First vids here are the ITS in Sentry mode.

And here's one which I think is Bomb mode:

And finally a video of the ITS in Medic mode.

As I said, I haven't seen these in Australia yet but I'll make it my mission to see if I can pick one up on my US trip. From these vids anyway, I think it'll definitely add another layer of playability to the Light Strike like. Thanks again Joel for the vids!


  1. Just a quick note. It takes five shots to activate each mode. It doesn't matter if it's a laser strike or a rail strike. It takes 5 idividual shots. This hasn't been tested with any of the attachment yet, but I am willing to bet you get the same results.

  2. hey sorry to get off topic, but it looks like vortex will have ammo refils without clips too.


    Again sorry if this is the wrong place to make such a comment

  3. Anonymous, I'm sure Pocket won't mind:-)

    I reckon in the future, it'd probably make more sense to put this post with any of the Nerf Vortex posts, or on the Facebook page.

  4. Couldn't help but remember "BART" from the old Laser Challenge line when I saw the ITS. Spotted a few stateside.

  5. I just bought the kids Christmas gift and its theme will be Light Strike. I am wondering if you can use two I.T.S's for a team game or only one will work for a team combat? I have all 3 rifles and all three pistols. So far installing batteries in everything 24 AA's for the guns and 24 AAA's for all the targets and 8 AA's for the ITS's I hope they dont eat too many batteries. LOL

  6. Something I noticed is that it does take five shots to activate, four to fill it up and one to seal the deal. but it only takes 4 to deactivate, one shot brings it down from full power to three bars.