Friday, July 22, 2011

Nerf Vortex: Hasbro's PR guys have been busy

We're starting to get more Nerf Vortex news appearing in our newsfeeds; as the official launch date of September 10 2011 draws closer I guess it makes sense for Hasbro to want to hype up the new gear to lead up to the release, so they are obviously pumping out a lot of press releases to the mainstream media. 

Check out the links below for more, but admittedly it's mostly the same PR press release stuff that we sort of already know. 

Nerf Vortex ready to heat up your summer via Ubergizmo
NERF: N-Strike or Vortex? via Gunaxin
Nerf Gears Up For N-Strike Vs. Vertex - David M. Ewalt - Metagamer via Forbes


  1. the second post is the only one that really says anything kinda new/interesting. It says what batteries the nitron requires, and no batteries are required for the other vortex. well... only specifically says that for the proton, but since it doesn't mention batteries for the praxis/vigilon, and there are no flywheel noises etc. from previous vortex videos we can assume that they don't use batteries. For the vigilon it says "activate the pull back mechanism to fire." so the same as you would fire the maverick, which they said has "the traditional pull back mechanism"

  2. Whats the switch on the top of the vigilon?

  3. the switch is a disc release for if it gets jammed. praxis has one also, but the proton and nitron have a different button for it. Nitrons is the one on top of the stock, and the protons is right on the thing you pull out to load a disc in.

  4. Pocket, if you didn't get my email i have pictures of Vortex on my blog at