Thursday, July 14, 2011

Light Strike: We finally got some:)

Even the boss said he wanted a set...
After months of waiting, my local Target has finally brought out the much anticipated Light Strike laser tag taggers..which gives me a happy. The big Target sale is actually next week and these will be cheaper, so i did end up paying more for my impatience, but I got two assault rifles and a target vest for testing. Accompanied by the attachments I picked up last week, and I am thinking we're in for some interesting fun over the next few days while we rigerously test the hell out of them:) 

Initial responses (we tried culling the batteries out of the optical mice on our desks, but we couldn't find a screw driver!!) from just appearances alone are that they do look somewhat tacky.. but not nearly as bad as I thought from the photos I'd seen. The printed detail on the side of the blasters is on a shiny plastic, so the fear of sweaty hands wearing through the paper is at least not going to be a problem.

Every feature on the taggers uses touch sensitive tabs rather than physical buttons and dials, which is sorta cool but not at the same time. The different designs definitely feel different in hand and will be up to user personal preference- so far I'm prefering the orange SR-143 over the red DCR 012 and have still yet to try the GAR 023.

They're very light weight and actually quite well built, if not somewhat.. flat. Looking forward to getting home tonight, I can tell you! (though it's the girl's family birthday dinner tonight.. might not be wise to rush her to come home!!)

Watch this space over the next few days.


  1. Did your target have the I.T.S (intelligent targetting system) as I cant find these at my target.

  2. Looks alright. I mean that they could have done

  3. This is so cool!!!!!! I have wanted to play Laser Tag for so long. This is awesome!!!!!!!