Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marketing 101: what's in a name..

"Light Strikes"? WowWee's official page
"Light Strikers" Target toy sale catalogue early lay by
One thing that has been bothering my marketing bone since Light Strike was announced is the inconsistencies shown with the actual brand NAME. The importance of branding is to establish recognition with your audience so consistency with something as fundamental as a product name should be pretty rudimentary.

I personally have been referring to the line as 'Light Strike" which seemed pretty official from the logo and press releases, but since then I've also seen the brand referred to as "Lightstrike", "Light Strikers" and "Lightstrikes" and not just in the blog world; this sort of inconsistency has been on official catalogues, price lists and even on the official Wow Wee page.  Seems like sloppy marketing. Guess it could have been worse. "Light Stroke" perhaps?:P

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