Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Light Strike: Demo on the vest

Here's a video regarding the up coming Light Strike vests and how it adds to the system's playability. I like how you don't NEED the vest.. but it makes it more fun, and it's more than just extra targets to make you fodder for your opponents:) 


  1. So many somersaults :|

    Aside that lack of realism (and the hilarious likeness to the N-force Warlock and the Max-Force commercials), I'm pretty impressed with this set of taggers. Might pick one up at staff discount rates :P

  2. i like the spinning CTF thing... looks cool. if they are actually accurate and pic up well then that would make for an amazing night game if you can get 8+ people.

  3. what's with frontflips and barrel rolls in all the max force/ nerf/ light strike ads?!?

  4. I don't like the idea of having a vest to register hits. it makes it too easy to cheat by putting your arms in front of it.

  5. i like the vest idea. with the phoenix guns, each time you raise you`re gun from behind something to shoot, you`re gun gets shot. i also like having a target to hit.

  6. the vest is actually not that great i would not recomend getting it. It doesn't comunicate with the gun so if the vest loses all it's health the gun can still keep firing. I ran around for about five minutes without even knowing i was dead.

  7. I'am a youth leader in France. The youth center bought 10 GAP-024 guns and 10 vest, in order to create our own laser game. And like the last "anonymous" said, bad surprise, when your vest lives are gone, you can still shoot your ennemies.
    So, I decided to physically connect the vest and the gun with a LAN wire. I remove electronic circuit in the vest case. I just keep the RVB led and tag sensor (on shoulder).
    The vest just becomes a gun extension of team color and tag sensor, via LAN wire. Now, when your lives are gone, you can't shoot no more.

    I wanted the respawn function, team choice and weapon choice too, can only be control by the game master (game planner). So I disconected all buttons, at the top of the gun, and connected wires of team choice and weapon choice to the jack headphone. I built a box with to 2 push buttons (1 for team, 1 for weapon) that you connect to the gun with a male jack before start the game in order to set up teams.
    Regarding the respawn function, I used a battletag system like. In little boxes (medic), I glued some magnets and equip the gun with an REED switch (default: off, in a magnétic field: on). The REED switch is connected to shield wires and is hot glued inside the gun under batteries bloc, near trigger.
    Now when a player still have lives and put a medic box against the gun (in the REED switch area), it activate shield; and when the player lost all of his lives, the medic box can be used (player hve to pull trigger at the same time) to respawn.
    It's a long work but I neutralysed a lot of possible game cheating.

  8. You're a moron if your first complaint about a kids laser tag weapon is it's lack of realism, Holy crap.