Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Light Strike: A 'blink and you'll miss it' video feature

Target's upcoming mid year toy sale will be the last of the big retailers to do their rendition of "Australia's biggest toy sale". On the whole, it's similar to the other sales as far as Nerf and Max Force is concerned other than the variances in price, but the thing we're most interested in is they seem to (at least for the time being) have the exclusive rights to the new WowWee Light Strike laser tag line.

So far we've seen the dorky official promo vid, and we've seen various promo pics, but this "sneak preview"  from the Target VIP mail out shows just that little bit more; have to admit the blasters DO look better than I thought admittedly. As always I'm not particularly impressed by the 'enthusiasm' from the video hosts- nor do I really understand why Light Strike should interact at all with the world of Light Sprite fairies.. but hey.. any intel is.. intel:) 0:56 is where it all happens.. or watch the whole thing and feel suitably..dumber for it:)

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